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Best Juicer for Travel – The Supreme Buying Guide & Reviews

    Best Juicer for Travel

    Traveling is fun until it ruins your diet and nutrition. We know you don’t want to raze your diet plan for a few days of traveling. That’s why we have come with the five best juicer for travel for you. It is very convenient to have the right juicer for you. Travel-sized juicers are preferable for carrying with you on a journey. You need not take it on your backpack and make the bag heavy.

    You can garnish your taste while traveling with the right travel-sized juicers. Keeping that in mind, you have tested many juicers by juicing apples, carrots, leafy vegetables, and many other fruits to find the preferable traveled juicer for you.

    After extensive research, I have organized the article with the five best portable juicers for you. It will help you to choose the perfect one for you.



    5 Best Juicer for Travel

    1. Breville BJE200XL – Compact Centrifugal Juicer

    Breville BJE200XL - Compact Centrifugal Juicer

    If you want to taste the most quality juice production from a portable and compact sized juicer, then Breville is highly recommended for you.

    It provides a 700-watt motor which can operate 14000RPM. This speed is enough to draw out every drop of fiver product. The safety locking arm will give you an extra facility to handle this.

    The main problem with BJE200XL is, it is comparably larger than other travel juicers. It is also a little bit noisy because of its overall architecture.

    Breville has three inches extra-large feed tube with a heavy grade polymer body. You can use the micro mesh filter to extract up to 40% or more vitamins.


    • Non-slip feet.
    • Safety lock.
    • Pulp free juice.
    • Dishwasher-safe parts.
    • Stainless steel bleed.


    • A lot of foam production.


    2. Sagnart Juicer Slow Juicers Machine – Portable Juicer

    Sagnart is famous for its reasonable price and lightweight design. This juicer uses US approved color Food Grade Material which is BPA free. So, you can rely on it on the question of purity.

    Sagnart Juicer Slow Juicers Machine - Portable Juicer

    Sagnart juicer is ready to provide you high nutrition. That’s why it works relatively slow. It doesn’t produce too many calories, so you can blindly keep faith in it while dieting.

    You can enjoy an extremely portable design by using this stainless still juicer. The small model of Sgnart is only 8.9 pounds, which can company you while traveling.

    If you buy a Sagnart juicer, it will provide you a cleaning brush and a food pusher with the package. As it is a self-feeding function, you will need the brush and pusher.

    Sagnart juicer can work without noise so that you can use it without disturbance.


    • One year warranty.
    • Fit with the budget.
    • Waterproof button cover.
    • Portable handle.
    • Safety lock.


    • Very slow.
    • Less durable.


    3. NutriBullet NBR-High Speed Blender/ Juicer

    NutriBullet NBR-High Speed Blender/ JuicerIf you want the fastest and easiest blender as your Travelmate, you can keep NutriBullet on your list. Being a blender, NutriBullet behaves like the fastest juicer.

    But you can find a difference in NBR from the juicer. The juicer separates the fiber and the pulp, where NutriBullit mixes them.

    The best thing about NBR is its portability. Its weight is only 7.4 Ibs so you can easily carry it in your backpack and suitcase. Another fantastic feature is its cleanability. It offers you to clean it quickly, so you don’t need to take much hassle while traveling.

    NutriBullit will give you the opportunity to sherd up vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and protein shakes. It will make the best use of your food. You can also collect NutriBullet NBR at a low price.


    • Compact design.
    • Removable handle.
    • Different cups.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Use the whole vegetable or fruit.


    • Hot liquids are not allowed.


    4. Shine Kitchen-Slow Juicer

    Shine Kitchen-Slow Juicer

    Shine Kitchen is a 100% BPA free juicer which will provide you a healthy juice. There is no harmful plastic on it. So, if you prefer your health most, this juicer can be a fantastic choice for you.

    Shine Kitchen has a 40RMP motor so that it can preserve all the nutrients. The only problem is, it is a slow juicer, so it will take time to make juice.

    Shine’s five diameter machine is perfect for a backpack. It is also effortless to carry because of it’s low weight. So you can easily consider it one of the best juicers for travel.

    You will get a nice cup with this juicer, so you haven’t to worry about spilling or any liquid on the way.

    Maybe you will not find it as durable, but it will still give you good company while traveling.


    • Fit for anywhere.
    • Healthy and clean juice.
    • Sleek design.
    • Easy to use.
    • 40RMP motor.


    • Can’t chop up with smaller pieces.
    • Wet implements are not allowed.


    5. ECPURCHASE Portable Blender- USB Rechargeable

    ECPURCHASE Portable Blender- USB Rechargeable

    ECPURCHASE provides an amazing portable blender that can offer you a USB rechargeable facility. That means you can charge it like a phone and then use it for hours without any electric connection.

    I think this is the best feature that a portable juicer must have to carry. It will reduce your time traveling and allow you to make juice on your demand even without any connection.

    Another unique feature of ECPURCHASE is its cute pink color. This color is much attractive to women and children. Furthermore, you will also find it in Green color.

    You can carry it on your backpack even on the side pocket because it is just 1.2 pounds. So nothing can be more portable than this.

    This blender has a smart protection device to use and clean. You can easily separate the body and the bottle of the blender for any purpose.


    • Magnetic sensing switch.
    • Easily separable.
    • Multi-functional.
    • Superb Mixing quality.
    • Chargeable by power bank, laptop, or computer.


    • Limited capacity.
    • They have limited color options.


    Facts You Should Consider Before Choosing a Travel Juicer

    A portable juicer allows getting the taste of fresh juice in your rush or even when you travel. These juicers are easy to carry and dedicated to ensuring nutrition. They also allow preserving the liquid for a specific time on the juicer.

    But you have to check out a few things before buying this useful and practical product.


    The first thing you should inspect before buying a portable juicer is its weight. As you have to carry it with you, it must hold a lighter and compact design.

    Product Materials

    Materials are also a consideration as it is connected to your health. You must ensure that you are buying a safe juicer with a good grade material.

    Health & Nutrition

    To ensure the health and nutrition of customers is the primary attribute of the best juicer for travel.

    Noice and Speed

    Most of the juicers create noise. But you can find mini juicers without noise.

    Along with the noise, juicer speed depends on its motor. If you prefer a fast juicer, you should go to the juicer which uses heat.


    The prices of portable juicers are not varying much. You can easily find the right travel juicer at a cheaper rate. But if you want some features like a fast juicer or a juicer without noise, you have to slightly increase your budget.


    So have you specified which one you want as your desire portable juicer? If you are still confused, first focus on your requirements. Then match the criteria with the juicers. You need not find the best juicer for travel.  Just pick the juicer which can fulfill your criteria most.

    As you invest your valuable money and time in it, you should find the best product for you. If you pick your product from Amazon or other online shopping sites, you must first read the customers’ reviews. It will help you in adopting the right product.

    I hope this article will help you in getting your desire product. Best wishes!

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