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5 Best Steam Juicer Reviews in 2022 – In Depth Review & Buying Guide

    Best Steam Juicer Reviews

    Typical juicers tend to be one-dimensional. Whether they are masticating juicers or centrifugal juicers, it is unfortunate that the only thing they can do is create juice from fruits and vegetables if they are even that versatile. Fortunately, there exists an alternative to these kinds of juicers, and that is the steam juicer. Steam juicers can extract juice just as much as any other given juicer, only they possess a couple of advantages. First, they use concentrated heat to extract the juice. This means that you will not need to clean it as much as you would a common juicer. You can also use steam juicers to prepare food since they contain the same properties as any slow cooker or stockpot. Check out what steam juicers have to offer if you are looking for an alternative to a juicer. Here we’re going to talk about the 5 best steam juicer.


    Five Best Steam Juicer Reviews in Details

    1. Stainless Steel Juicer and Steamer Multi-Pot by Cook N Home

    Stainless steel juicer and steamer multipot by Cook n Home

    The lids on most steam juicers leave a lot to be desired. Most of them let out a lot more heat and moisture than they should. This makes the juicing process much longer than it should be, which is very frustrating. As insignificant as it might seem, the lid on Cook n Home’s steam juicer fits securely. This keeps in the necessary heat and moisture that is very necessary for the heating or roasting process. Again, this seems insignificant at first. But you will notice a very significant difference. You can also use Cook n Home’s steam juicer on any surface. Whether it is gas, electric, ceramic, or any other kind of surface, you will not need to worry about the surface of your cooktop being incompatible with Cook n Home’s steam juicer. This makes it a lot more versatile than other steam juicers, and you’ll appreciate it. Using Cook n Home’s steam juicer will require you to be experienced. The lid is secure, but it is not made of tempered glass like most other steam juicers. This means you cannot check the progress of whatever you are juicing or roasting without taking the lid off. Avoid Cook n Home’s steam juicer if you are not experienced with steam juicers.


    2. Deluxe Stainless Steel Steam Juicer by Kitchen Crop

    Deluxe stainless steel steam juicer by Kitchen Crop

    Steam juicers can get extremely hot, especially since they take so long to make juice. This can force you to take a very long time to wait for you to remove all the different pots of the juicer once you are finished. This is frustrating to deal with, especially if you need instant access to the juice you just made. You will not need to deal with that at all when using Kitchen Crop’s steam juicer. The handles on each pot contain a silicone coating that is cool to the touch. This allows you to remove and empty everything you need to remove and empty instantly. You’ll get a lot out of this if you need quick access to your freshly made juice. You’ll also enjoy the fact that you will never need to do any real guesswork with Kitchen Crop’s steam juicer. This is thanks to its tempered glass lid, which does not get covered with steam when it is juicing or roasting. This is perfect if you are unsure how much longer you need to wait for the juicing process to finish. It can be tricky to juice a lot of food items with Kitchen Crop’s steam juicer. The colander only has an 8-quart capacity while the other kettles yield the industry-standard capacity of 4 quarts. Other steam juicers have colanders that have an 11-quart capacity, so you’ll need to work with this.


    3. Stainless Steel Steam Juicer and Food Steamer by Mehu-Liisa

    Stainless steel steam juicer and food steamer by Mehu-LiisaOne of the biggest issues with any steam juicers is overflowing water pans. There is a good chance that you’ll run into this problem when you are making a lot of juice and are inexperienced in using a steam juicer. Overflowing water pans can be really frustrating to clean. You will not need to worry about anything like this with Mehu-Liisa’s steam juicer. The juice kettle is much bigger than other steam juicers, measuring at 4 liters. This makes it practically impossible to overflow, even if you are making a lot of juice. It is perfect for anybody who doesn’t completely know how much juice any given food item processed through a steam juicer yields. Like with most other steam juicers, it is possible to use Mehu-Liisa’s juicer as a roasting device as well. However, what makes Mehu-Lisa’s steam juicer better than others is that you can use it on any kitchen stove. You can even use it on induction cookers. This makes Mehu-Liisa’s steam juicer much more versatile than other steam juicers. Mehu-Liisa’s steam juicer uses a few more parts than other steam juicers. This is what makes it a little worse than other steam juicers. The steam, juice, and water sections can stack up and be a little overwhelming to use.


    4. Stainless Steel Steamer/Juicer by NorproStainless steel steamer/juicer by Norpro

    One of the most common issues that anyone who owns a juicer deals with is not making a lot of juice. This is especially true if you want to store said juice. It can be a messy and time-consuming task to empty the juice you make with a common juicer into a container. Norpro’s steam juicer is your solution for this and many other things. With its juice container measuring 4 quarts, you will have no problem using it to store all the juice you need after you have gotten finished making it. The steamer insert and water pot are slightly bigger than this juice container, so everything works very smoothly. If you want to use Norpro’s steam juicer as an oven roaster or some other function, this is also possible. You can use the steamer in the base pot and its encapsulated base to provide even, focused heating, and you’ll notice this difference compared to just using a stockpot. There are a couple of things you need to watch for with Norpro’s steam juicer. First, you’ll need to wait for the juice that it makes to cool down. Also, you’ll need to wait a long for the juicing process to finish because of how large the receptacles are.


    5. Stainless Steel Steamer/Juicer Without Canning Kit by Norpro

    Stainless steel steamer/juicer without canning kit by Norpro

    Canning kits can be a massive waste of space in your kitchen. Most people who use steam juicers with a canning kit usually leave the canning kit behind because they never use it. It does nothing but takes up space. You will not need to worry about this with Norpro’s steam juicer. It does not come with a canning kit. This obviously means that you will not need to deal with it. This does not take away from any of its other capabilities, either. You’ll be able to make juice with it and roast meat or seafood with it, just like you can help with any other steam juicer. It is also possible to roast meat and seafood in more than one way with Norpro’s steam juicer. You can use the base pot itself, or you can use the encapsulated base to provide even heating if you are not confident that you can accomplish even heating with it. There are two things you should watch out for with Norpro’s steam juicer. First, it can take a long time to create juice. This is because the steamer insert is so big. You’ll also need to be really careful with the handle on the glass lid. If it gets too hot, there is a good chance it can break off.


    Best Steam Juicers: A Buying Guide

    Just like any other juicer, different steam juicers have different purposes and specialize in different things. Here are some things that you should consider before buying a steam juicer.

    What kinds of food items do you plan to juice?

    Most think that juicers can only make juice from produce. However, steam juicers can create juicers from more than just fruits and vegetables. If you plan to juice other food items, you should see if the steam juicer you are interested in can do that.

    Will you also be using your steam juicer as a steam cooker?

    As mentioned earlier, steam juicers can also function as steam cookers or as stockpots. If you have decided to use your steam juicer as a steam cooker or a stockpot, you’ll probably want one that is much easier to clean than other steam juicers.

    How much room do you have in your kitchen?

    Different than most juicers, steam juicers tend to take up a bit of space. If you are interested in one, you need to know that a steam juicer will take up just as much space in your kitchen as a stockpot, if not more.

    Will you use the steam juicer for storage?

    Some steam juicers contain components that you can use for storage. While this is possible, there is a chance that this can affect how much juice you can make with the steam juicer.


    Advantages of Steam Juicers

    If anyone wants large amounts of juice from all kinds of berries and fruits, steam juicers are the best option for juice lovers. Because the steam juicer can extract juice from many fruits at once. Processing a lot of fruit in a short time, the steam juicer performs most effectively. It is cost-effective for making homemade jams, jellies, canned and bottled juice. The steam juicer makes sterile juice for long time preservation. You can store it in your juice bottles for a long time. The steam juicer is quite effective for juicing more ripe fruits. Advantages of using steam juicer You don’t have to cut the fruit into small pieces like an ordinary juicer. Steam juicers are quite effective for making quick and hassle-free juices.



    You have two choices you can make when it comes to juicers. You can either stay with your mechanical juicers and clean every part they contain, or you can turn to steam juicers which take a lot less effort to clean. The choice is yours, and if you are looking for an alternative to a standard juicer that you will need to clean all the time, look to steam juicers for this alternative.


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