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Fast Juicer Vs Masticating Juicer: Spot Out the Differences!

    Fast Juicer Vs Masticating Juicer

    To invest in a new juicer, you must check out every type of feature it has. The most important one is whether it’s a fast or a slow one.

    But, do you really think there’s a difference between a fast juicer vs masticating juicer? Does the speed really affect any of your juice-making processes? 

    Well, it affects slightly but surely. There’s a fine difference between the speed (of course), heat, oxidation, foam, noise, cleanup system, time, and cost. 

    Plus, the masticating juicer can handle all the leafy greens but takes more time. Whereas the fast juicer can’t really handle every item, but whatever it does, it does it in a quicker way.

    I’m sure you’ll be able to learn some interesting facts about these two types, once you complete the reading. Let’s begin!


    What is A Fast Juicer?

    What is A Fast Juicer

    A fast juicer is basically known as a centrifugal juicer. It uses a spinning blade to crash all the fruits and vegetables into small pulp. The centrifugal force helps to press the juice with the mesh screen, which also helps to separate the pulp.

    All types of FDA-recommended veggies and fruits can be cut easily with fast juicers. It uses 3000rpm, which means a lot of speed for one glass of juice.

    Moreover, this type is really cost-effective, so anyone can get it without a second thought.

    So if you’re someone who is always on the go, a fast juicer is definitely for you.

    What is A Masticating Juicer?

    What is A Masticating Juicer

    Now, a masticating juicer is the opposite of a fast juicer. It usually works slowly with 40-100rpm and crushes the fruits perfectly.

    The taste and nutritious value are intact here as this machine ensures less oxidation. You can also store the juice made in masticating juicer for 72 hours straight.

    If you’re trying to buy something traditional which works really well with crashing leafy greens and fruits, go for masticating juicer. Note that, these juicers are pretty expensive compared to other fast juicers.

    Fast Juicer Vs Masticating Juicer: Comparison Table

    A comparison table will give you a quick review of how these two juicers differ.

    FeaturesFast JuicerMasticating Juicer
    Speed3000 rpm40-100 rpm
    TextureFoamyLess Foamy
    Prep WorkNot NeededPre-Cut Needed
    Preparing TimeLess Than 1 Minute5-6 Minutes
    Storage TimeDrink within few hoursUp to 72 hours
    Nutritious ValueLessMore

    Reasons to Buy a Fast Juicer

    There are some good reasons to get a fast juicer. They include:

    • Works Incredibly

    A fast juicer is popular among people as it works really well with tough and hard fruits. For example, if you love to drink carrot, apple, or cucumber juice, this one will serve you the best (seriously!). 

    • Quick

    Time is precious and for that, you need to have a juicer that’ll save your time more. A fast juicer is exactly like that.

    I said earlier that it works with 3000rmp power, which means you’ll get your juice in hand in less than 1 minute. How convenient, isn’t it?

    • No Prep Work

    Like other juicers, here, you don’t have to pre-cut the ingredients to make your preferred juice. This fast juicer will handle everything on its own as it comes with larger chutes.

    It’ll help your fruits fit properly, so you don’t have to work more. Put the green leaf or fruit directly into the juicer and enjoy the calm taste!

    • Lightweight and Small

    If you want a minimal juicer for your kitchen, a fast juicer is all you need. Most of them are totally lightweight, so you can carry them wherever you want.

    Besides, a fast juicer takes less countertop space. You can keep it in the corner of your kitchen or dining space. The design will go with the decor, too – no doubt. 

    • Easy to Clean

    Everyone knows fast juicers are super comfortable to clean. There’s an extra facility when you’re trying to wash this machine as they come with few parts. 

    You don’t have to go through all the parts one by one. Instead, just use some warm water or baking soda and cleanse it with a soft brush.

    • Affordable

    Last but not least, fast juicers are really affordable. They’re simple, small, elegant, speedy, and affordable just so you know!

    Reasons to Avoid a Fast Juicer

    Now let’s see why you should avoid buying it.

    • Fast juicers aren’t very easy with leafy greens or berries.
    • As the juicer has the fastest speed, it causes oxidation. For the oxidation, there’ll be foamy less quality outcome.
    • Another drawback is that you can’t store it for long. You have to drink the juice within a few hours.
    • Production of less juice yield.
    • Because of the speed and power, fast juicers are known as the noisiest ones. If you can handle the noise for 1-2 minutes, go on.

    Reasons to Buy a Masticating Juicer

    Here are some reasons why you should rather go for a masticating juicer. Such as – 

    • Preserves Nutrition

    A masticating juicer tends to preserve 10x more nutrition than any other juicer out there. As it functions very slowly, all the minerals, vitamins, and enzymes tend to be intact.

    As a result, you’ll get a very healthy drink.

    • Less Oxidation

    You already know more oxidation cause more chemicals. But here in this juicer, the oxidation and heat are super low. No matter what fruit, veggie, or leaf you put into it, it’ll give you a fresh drink.

    • Exact Taste

    A great benefit of masticating juicer is it has a bio-magnetic feature that’ll let you crush the fruit in a slow manner. This way, the taste will be exactly the same.

    • Great Storage

    As the juicer creates less oxidation, it creates less foam too. And for the less foamy texture, the enzymes and bacteria won’t attract easily. This means you can store it anywhere for up to 72 hours!

    • Simple and Quiet

    The noise level here is totally quiet as the speed is around 80-100 rpm. You can enjoy a peaceful juice-making process whenever you want.

    Reasons to Not Buy a Masticating Juicer

    Here are some drawbacks of this juicer,

    • Masticating juicers come with more parts, so the cleaning process is a bit challenging.
    • The speed is 80-100 rpm here, so it’ll take 5-6 minutes to prepare one glass of juice. Plus, this juicer can handle only one fruit at a time.
    • You have to pre-cut each and every veggie/fruit before putting it inside the machine as it has a narrow chute.
    • Since they’re bulky, you can have issues with storing them here and there.
    • Masticating juicers are pretty expensive.

    Which One You Should Buy for More Nutrition?

    You may already know fast juicer has a sharp blade that quickly cuts the fruits into pieces. It has more oxidation which really causes much foam above the juice. This type of foam and oxidation helps the enzymes and minerals break down, so the nutritious value drops.

    On the flip side, a masticating juicer is a slow juicer crushing the food slowly yet perfectly. The minerals, enzymes, and vitamins keep intact till the end as the power of the machine doesn’t let all these break down.

    So, in my opinion, if you want to have a nutritious drink every morning or evening, you can try masticating juicer. It takes a lot more time than a fast juicer but surely will provide you with the healthiest options.


    1. Can you juice carrots in a masticating juicer?

    Yes, you can juice carrots in a masticating juicer. But as it’s a slow juicer, it’ll take forever to crush the whole thing and make juice. Rather I think you should go for a fast juicer as it has a sharp blade and works much faster.

    1. Is juicing healthier than blending?

    Well, if you want to have all those minerals, vitamins, and nutrients inside your stomach, juicing is definitely better. It helps to create a healthy drink ensuring all the thickness and taste. A blender, on the other side, is good for smoothies that contain phytonutrients.

    1. Can I drink green juice every day?

    You can drink green juice moderately. Pick up a fast or slow juicer (depends on you) and make the healthy form of green juice for more nutrition. However, don’t consume it every day as it may harm your kidney function.


    I know there’s some really slight difference between a fast juicer vs masticating juicer. Still, you need to know the contrast so that you can satisfy your drinking situation perfectly.

    Try to ensure what type of fruit or vegetable juice you’re going to have and purchase a juicer depending on that.

    All the best!

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