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How To Assemble Omega Juicer- A Complete Guideline

    How To Assemble Omega Juicer

    Omega juicer is easy to use and reliable to the juice lovers. After purchasing the new Omega juicer, assembling its parts is required to start juicing. Unfortunately, a large number of people can’t understand the assembling process even after going through the manual book. Therefore, here is a complete guideline on how to assemble Omega juicer perfectly. 

    To assemble your Omega juicer, you don’t need to use any additional tool. First, you need to be introduced with the parts and their exact position. Then, simply put one by one part accordingly and complete the assembling process. The assembly starts with the motor base and ends with the juice cover. 

    However, the significance of knowing the assembly process of Omega juicer can’t be denied. A wrong attempt during the time of assembling can damage any part of your Omega juicer. So, let’s dive into the main discussion without delay. 


    How should you assemble Omega juicer like a pro

    This section reveals everything about how to assemble Omega juicer precisely. There are different types of Omega juicers and their assembling process isn’t similar. Just follow the steps depicted here and get your juicer ready. 

    The process to assemble Omega vertical juicer

    Here is the elaborated process to assemble Omega vertical juicer.

    Step:1- Assembling the screen

    The top of the screen should be placed below the grooves. Attach the strainer to the self-cleaning brush appropriately. 

    Step:2- Inserting the screen inside the bowl

    It’s time to put the assembled screen inside the juicer bowl. Move it from towards the right side until it clicks in its place. You can see a red dot on the bowl and strainer. The two red dots should be linked perfectly. If they’re not properly connected, this step has something faulty. 

    Step:3- Putting auger in the right place

    The circular wavy part, known as auger, should be assembled now. Place the auger inside the screen carefully. The wings of augers should be aligned with the grooves on the spinning brush. 

    Step:4- Positioning the hopper 

    It’s time to place the hopper inside the Omega juicer bowl. When the hopper gets locked, you’re done with it. Before that, keep moving the hopper in the clockwise direction. There is an arrow sign on the hopper which should match with the red dot. 

    Step:5- Completing the assembly

    The last work is to put the whole assembly on the motor base. You can easily put the assembly on the motor base. Once you have successfully prepared the juicer, you can turn it on and check the connection. 

    Assembling Omega horizontal juicer 

    From here, you’ll know about how to assemble an Omega horizontal juicer. 

    Step:1- Joining the hopper to the drum

    To join the hopper to the drum, you need to unlock the juicer. Turn the locking part in the clockwise direction. After that, you’re allowed to join the hopper to the drum.

    Step:2- Inserting the auger

    You need to put the auger into the drum now. At the same time, you need to put the juicing strainer at its top position. 

    Step:3- Connecting adjustable pressure cap

    You need to put the drum cap on the Omega juicer strainer now. Then, connect the adjustable pressure cap with the drum cap. The connection should be rechecked unless you want to ruin the whole operation. 

    Step:4- Placing juice and pulp container

    Placing a juice container in the right place allows you to collect the full juice. It’s not directly related to the assembly but should be the concern of the assembler. Besides, the pulp container must remain at the exact place to receive pulp from the juicer. After performing every step correctly, turn on the juicer and let it prepare the juice. 

    Steps to assemble Omega juicer J8006- a popular unit

    Omega juicer J8006 is one of the most selling units of the respective brand. Its assembly process is similar to most other units of the Omega juicer. This section deals with how to assemble Omega juicer J8006 with simple steps. 

    Step:1- Connecting the drum

    Turn the locking clips clockwise to unlock the juicer. After that, you can connect the drum with housing easily. Also, place a funnel onto the guide. 

    Step:2- Putting the auger 

    The auger always stays inside the drum. Before inserting the juicing screen inside the drum, ensure that the auger is placed properly. Keep moving the screen counterclockwise so that it can click firmly. Your mincing function step is over after positioning the auger. 

    Step:3- Placing the juice bowl

    The juice bowl and waste bowl both go under the drum set. After putting everything precisely, put the juicer cover on its place. Now, put the power cord inside a power outlet. Turn on the juicer and check if the assembly is working nicely. 

    Remember the safety concerns

    Before assembling any type of juicer, all kinds of safety manners should be ensured. You should obey all the safety concerns mentioned here to the letter.

    • Before giving a trial check, ensure that the cord isn’t damaged or partially damaged. A damaged cord can lead to fire issues as well as shocking issues. 
    • If you find any assembly inappropriate, turn off the power before fixing it. Otherwise, any unwanted accident can take place at an instant. 
    • Never put any metal item like screws on the hopper. Many clogging reports from previous users have been found only for disobeying safety. If something is clogged accidently, you should run the REVERSE button. Perhaps, it may help to unclog the thing. 
    • Try to wear hand gloves while assembling the parts of the Omega juicer. It’ll keep your fingers safe from the sharp corners of the juicer parts. Most importantly, using a mask prevent usual fingerprint as well as stains on the juicer. 


    Have some questions on how to assemble Omega juicer? Here you know about some selected questions from the internet. 

    How do I assemble my juicer?

    To assemble any kind of juicer, you need to put the motor base on a flat surface first. Then, put the main body of the juicer and other parts accordingly. You may need to twist a part or put some force to position any part. And lastly, you need to put the juicer cover on to end the assembly process. 

    How do I assemble my Omega vertical juicer?

    Start by assembling the screen correctly so that the chamber set closes appropriately. Then, place the auger inside the screen and place the hopper onto the juice bowl. The last move is to mount the assembled juice bowl chamber. It should be placed on the motor base by applying some force.

    You can also check how to use Omega Juicer.


    Now, you have a clear conception on how to assemble Omega juicer. It’s not something like rocket science. If you can identify the parts precisely, assembling your Omega juicer is just a matter of time. You should take the help of the manual book to understand any part if you miss it. 

    While you’re assembling the juicer screen, you need to put it in the right place noticing the spinning brush. The assembled silicon brush and the screen should be kept in the bowl carefully. You should also stay alert when dealing with the juicer base, as well as blade. 

    When setting up the vital parts like the pulp container, ensure that it’s attached properly. Otherwise, your juicing session may be full of trouble. The assembly should be rechecked every time before juicing. However, don’t forget to deal with the power outlet consciously to avoid any electrical accident. 

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