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How To Clean Breville Juicer- A Complete Cleaning Guideline

    How To Clean Breville Juicer

    Cleaning a Breville juicer is simple like conventional juicers. When you’re cleaning a Breville juicer, you shouldn’t want to damage its parts. Moreover, you want to ensure the longevity of the juicer. Therefore, you should keep a clear conception of how to clean Breville juicer precisely. 

    When you’re washing the juicer, its parts should be detached in the right manner first. Then, you have to follow the right manner respectively to wash each part. After removing the leftovers from the juicer, you can start cleaning the juicer. 

    The significance of cleaning your Breville juicer regularly is not only about health concerns. A fully clean Breville juicer ensures you run in the long run without any complications. However, this writing will also show you some pro tips about keeping your juicer away from dirt. 


    When should you clean Breville Juicer?

    Both deep cleaning and regular cleaning are applicable for the Breville juicer. When you need to clean the juicer deeply, then you need to perform the deep cleaning. Otherwise, regular cleaning is recommended. Here are some facts about when you should clean your Breville juicer. 

    Newly purchased juicer

    A newly purchased juicer comes with many germs and fingerprints. After cleaning it precisely, it’s completely safe for preparing juice. Cleaning the juicer with water rinse disposes of harmful bacteria effectively. 

    After preparing the juice

    You’ll have a lot of trouble unless you clean the juicer after every juicing session. First, the next juicing session won’t be hygienic. Secondly, there might be bad odors from previous juicing. Most importantly, an uncleaned juicer blade can transfer rust into your juice. So, it’s mandatory to perform regular cleaning after preparing the juice. 

    Juicer stored for a long time

    A juicer stored for a long time may contain some unwanted debris. To prevent the bad impacts of bacteria, you should clean the juicer before using it.

    Replacing any juicer part

    When the juicer part is replaced, it may come with various germs. So, you should clean the part as well as the whole juicer before preparing the juice.

    How exactly should you clean a Breville juicer?

    This section deals with how to clean Breville juicer so that it looks like the newest one. Also, if you’re interested in how to clean Breville juicer fountain, this section may help you. 

    Required Tools for Cleaning

    • Narrow nylon brush
    • Dish soap
    • Dry cloth (several pieces)
    • Dish scrubber
    • Baking soda

    Details cleaning process

    Step:1- Disassembling the parts

    • Follow the manual and carefully detach the juicer parts from the top. Start with the juicer cover and the main bowl. 
    • When detaching the strainer basket as well as the cutter blade, stay calm and quiet. 
    • And finally, detach the whole juicer from the motor base and keep it separated from other parts. 

    Step:2- Cleaning the juicer 

    • Clean the debris on the surface of the juicer parts. After that, attach the pulp collector with a garbage bag and remove the leftovers. 
    • Soak the washable parts in the dishwasher. You should apply soap for better cleaning.
    • After a certain time, scrub the parts using the brush. Clean all the parts one by one and apply water rinse finally. 
    • The last move is to keep the washed parts in a safe place to be dried. For fast drying, you can wipe the parts using a dry cloth. 

    Step:3- Cleaning tough residue

    • For dedicated wash, you should apply vinegar instead of soap. If you want to know how to clean residue off the juicer, you’re in the right place. You’ll need to prepare the solution of vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio. 
    • Now, add a whole lemon juice to the mixture.
    • It’s time to soak the parts with tough residue in the recently prepared solution. After one hour, bring them back, scrub them with the brush and wash them. 
    • The last step is simple like soap cleaning. Let the parts dry and store them- that’s all. 

    Cleaning/wiping Breville juicer specific parts

    Cutter blade

    • Apply water on the cutter blade continuously and keep rinsing with water. 
    • For better results, put the blade inside the vinegar solution for at least one hour. Then, wash it and wipe it with a dry cloth. 

    Motor base

    • The motor base requires cleaning only when the juice overflows through it. Wipe the surface of the motor base with a clean and dry cloth. 
    • If there is any stain on the motor base, you can rarely remove it. Try to rub it with a cloth and see if you can remove the stain. 

    Juicer cover

    • Soak it with other parts and wash it with water perfectly. 
    • For deep cleaning, soak it inside the soda water mixture. Then, scrub its inner part with a brush and clean it with fresh water. And then, dry it and reassemble. 

    Strainer basket

    • Remove the filter (if you’re using it) first. Now, enter a brush inside it and clean all of its inner parts. 
    • Apply some water and dispose of the water. Then, again apply the brush and clean it with the water rinse. Then, simply dry it in the air like other juicer parts. 

    How to prevent Breville juicer from getting dirty

    It’s not difficult to keep your Breville juicer away from debris. By following these tips, you can prevent your juicer from getting dirty. 

    • While juicing with your Breville juicer, ensure that the cover is perfectly attached. Otherwise, the juicer’s body will become dirty due to the excess juice. 
    • Never put any ingredient forcefully inside the juicer. It may cause some serious issues like being stuck with ingredients. Hence, you’ll need to put more effort into cleaning the juicer.
    • If you don’t clean your juicer just after juicing, the leftovers may get dried. As a result, it’ll be difficult to remove them. To get rid of this problem, at least put some water in and perform regular cleaning. 
    • Never go for the fruits or vegetables with too much fiber. It’ll increase your trouble with cleaning. 
    • Avoid rotten ingredients unless you want to pollute the juicer with bad odors. Check the fruits or vegetables so that your juicer can remain clean enough even after juicing. 

    How to clean Breville juicer plastic

    Here is the elaborated process of cleaning Breville juicer plastic 

    • Start by unplugging your Breville juicer from the power source. Besides, ensure that the juicer is turned off.
    • Now, you need to disassemble its detachable parts carefully. Start from the juicer cover and stop before the motor. As the motor isn’t washable, you should keep the motor base away. 
    • Start cleaning the parts with dish soap or liquid detergent. Using a sponge is recommended for removing stubborn stains from the juicer parts. 
    • Instead of any anti-bacterial solution, you can use vinegar. Apply a toothbrush to ensure that the cleaning solution is cleaning in the tough corners. Gently apply the toothbrush so that it can’t create any stain on the plastic body of the juicer. 
    • It’s time to apply the rinse of water to all the parts. Remove all the dirt as well as soap from the surface of the parts.
    • Leave it for several hours to be dried. Never put the parts under sunlight unless you want to burn its body. And then, put the parts back and store the juicer for further use.

    How to clean Breville compact juicer

    Cleaning the Breville compact juicer is almost similar to the regular Breville juicer. Let’s check the cleaning process briefly. 

    • For easy cleaning, turn off the juicer and unplug it from the power outlet. Then, carefully remove the washable parts according to the advice of the user manual. 
    • Now, wash the parts using the rinse of water. It’ll remove some dust primarily. 
    • After that, put the parts in hot soapy water for a few minutes. The juice fountain cover and integrated pulp container should be placed here. 
    • Since you can’t rinse the motor base with water, wipe its surface using a damp cloth.
    • To clean the steel filter basket, apply the nylon bristle brush. Last, of all, let all the parts dry and store for future use.


    It’s not a nightmare for you anymore to clean a Breville juicer. After going through the whole article, you’re acknowledged about the exact cleaning process. Cleaning a Breville juicer isn’t all about putting some water and letting the parts dry. It’s all about washing the parts carefully in the right manner without damaging them. 

    After knowing everything about how to clean Breville juicer, you can perfectly clean your juicer now. The specific juicer parts also can be cleaned by following the mentioned steps in this writing. To end the whole cleaning process successfully, using some tools is mandatory. 

    However, this writing also elaborated on how to disassemble juicer parts in a brief. It’s not difficult to start the cleaning process just after disassembling it. Besides, you need to reassemble the parts and store them nicely. Hopefully, your Breville juicer will run in the long run if you keep running the correct cleaning process. 

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