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How To Make Wheatgrass Juice At Home For Beginners

    How To Make Wheatgrass Juice

    Wheatgrass juice is one of the most popular health drinks for boosting up the immune system. This drink comes with more health benefits as well as fewer side effects. Despite knowing its immeasurable benefits, some people don’t drink it. It’s because they don’t even know how to make wheatgrass juice.

    Therefore, keeping a clear concept on preparing wheatgrass juice is mandatory. Beginners can make a glass of perfect wheatgrass juice after performing our depicted steps successfully. Along with knowing the preparation methods, you should also know about the storing process. 

    Wheatgrass juice can be found in powder, liquid, or capsule form. So, you need to know about various preparation processes precisely. However, serving wheatgrass juice comes with versatile options. You’ll get acquainted with some enchanting recipes to drink with wheatgrass juice.


    Benefits of wheatgrass juice

    Wheatgrass juice is beneficial in many ways for your health. Here are some top benefits of taking wheatgrass juice regularly. 

    • Wheatgrass juice comes with some essential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains iron, calcium, useful enzymes, amino acids, and necessary proteins. Besides, vitamins A, C, E, K, and B-complex develop your immune system.  
    • Your liver function becomes stronger and more effective after taking wheatgrass juice regularly. Its chlorophyll aids help to remove toxic substances and ensure better health. The energy level of your body gets boosted after a certain time. 
    • Your body will start to absorb nutrients perfectly after drinking a glass of wheatgrass juice. Hence, your digestive system will be improved and your intestines will be cleaned up. 
    • To get relief from anxiety, taking a glass of wheatgrass juice regularly is sufficient. This habit can improve your cognitive function precisely. Drinking wheatgrass juice is recommended by experts to prevent memory loss issues. 
    • The antioxidant properties of wheatgrass juice reduce the risk of cancer. However, the research is undergoing to get better results from this drink. 
    • Wheatgrass juice is effective to control the blood sugar level. People with diabetes problems can try this drink for their physical improvement. 
    • Drinking wheatgrass juice helps to lose excessive weight. Due to its low calories and fat, it can boost your metabolism. 
    • Wheatgrass’s benefits for skin are unbelievable. To clear the skin and dispose of the dead cells, this juice is highly effective. 
    • Wheatgrass juice can reduce food cravings. Your habit of overeating throughout the whole day can be decreased slowly after taking it constantly.  

    The recipe How to make wheatgrass juice at home- step-by-step process

    You can follow various methods to make wheatgrass juice at home. Remember, you need to follow the depicted steps carefully if you want to make a glass of perfect wheatgrass juice. 

    Ingredients for making 250 ml juice

    You need the following ingredients to make 250 ml wheatgrass juice using a juicer or blender. 

    • 57 grams chopped wheatgrass (¼ cup)
    • 250-375 ml water (1 to 1.5 cups)
    • Lemon (According to your necessity)

    Ingredients for making 500 ml juice

    You need the following ingredients to make 250 ml wheatgrass juice using a juicer or blender. 

    • Around 113 grams chopped wheatgrass
    • 0.5 liter to 0.75-liter freshwater
    • Lemon (According to your necessity)

    Wheatgrass juicing with a juicer

    Here are the necessary steps to perform for juicing wheatgrass with a juicer. 

    Step:1- Preparing the wheatgrass

    • Wash the selected wheatgrass under clean water. Rinsing water on it will remove debris and insects from its surface.
    • You need to apply the knife now for chopping the washed wheatgrass. Try to mince the wheatgrass perfectly as well as carefully. If you’re going to make 250 ml of juice, then around 57 grams of wheatgrass is enough. For making 500 ml wheatgrass juice, just double the quantity. We recommend preparing 250 ml of juice using a juicer. 

    Step:2- Preparing the juicer

    • The first step is to make the best juicer. Here are some suggestions for you

    Focus Foodservice 97306 Juice Press, X-Large

    Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer

    Excelvan Hand Press Citrus Commercial Juicer Pro

    • It’s time to prepare your juicer. If you’re thinking about an electric juicer, you should get a masticating one. 
    • If you’re using a centrifugal juicer, check the connection status before juicing.
    • Remove all the dangerous instruments before starting the juicer. Make the juicing area properly neat and clean. 

    Step:3- Making the juice

    • put the chopped wheatgrass into the juicer slowly. 
    • Now, start the juicer. After a while, the juicer will start to serve the juice. You need to collect the juice and wait until it stops. 

    Making wheatgrass juice with a blender 

    Making wheatgrass juice with a blender isn’t as perfect as the juicer. But, you can easily make 500 ml juice using a blender by following these steps. 

    Step:1- Collecting and cutting wheatgrass

    • Collect fresh wheatgrass and cut them precisely. You need to get 113 grams of wheatgrass to make 500 ml of juice. 
    • Before cutting them, wash them precisely. 

    Step:2- Setting up the blending machine

    • Wash the blender with a rinse of water taking a few minutes.
    • Now, set the blender in a convenient place.
    • Remove all unnecessary things from the nearby place. Check once before juicing if the motor of the blender is working nicely.
    • After that, put the chopped wheatgrass inside the blender machine. 

    Step:3- Starting to blend

    • Now, start the blender and let it prepare the juice. 
    • After 30 seconds, turn off the blender and start it again. You should repeat the steps until you get the perfect juice. 

    Step:4- Using a strainer 

    • Now, put the prepared juice inside a pot or large bowl. Hold strainer in one hand or put on the bowl. Then, pour the bowl with the juice.
    • It’ll take a few seconds or minutes to pour the bowl. There must be some leftover pulp. You can press them using your hands and can get some additional juice from them.

    Step:5- Making ready to serve

    • It’s time for the final serve. You need to pass the juice of the bowl through the strainer again. Pour the first glass with the second time refined juice.
    • Remove the pulp from the strainer and then, repeat the same task with other glasses. 

    Wheatgrass juice with mortar and pestle 

    If you don’t have a juicer or blender, then you can follow this way. 

    Step:1- Cutting and washing the wheatgrass

    • Select fresh wheatgrass and wash them in the sink.
    • After washing, cut the wheatgrass with a sharp knife in small sizes. 

    Step:2- Placing wheatgrass into the mortar

    • Start filling the mortar with the chopped wheatgrass. Try to fill up to 1/4th part of the mortar from the bottom.

    Step:3- Grind the blades

    • You need to grind the blade now using the pestle. Using a stirring motion is recommended while applying the pestle. Make the mash of the wheatgrass just like the potato mash.
    • Now, add some water inside it. Mash the water into the wheatgrass mixture slowly. 

    Step:4- Getting the juice

    • Put a clean, muslin cloth on the top of a bowl. Tie the cloth perfectly so that it can’t collapse from the bowl’s edge. 
    • Pour the juice slowly from the mortar on the cloth. The cloth will keep the pulp and the juice will be collected in the bowl.

    Additional tips to make wheatgrass juice for the beginners

    Here are some useful tips for beginners to make wheatgrass juice. 

    • Don’t take large amounts of wheatgrass juice at the first chance. As wheatgrass juice can create minor impacts on you, you may feel irreverence about it. Better, grow the habit of drinking wheatgrass juice regularly but in small amounts(30 ml). 
    • Select a suitable time to drink the juice regularly. You should drink it in the morning.
    • To increase the food value of other dishes, add wheatgrass powder with it. You can also feel the better taste of that dish after adding wheatgrass.
    • Never think about preserving wheatgrass juice for a long time. It will decrease the food value and eliminate necessary enzymes. 
    • Blend wheatgrass powder perfectly while making the juice. Otherwise, the juice will be imperfect and the taste will be bogus.
    • Clean the juicer or blender appropriately before making the juice. If your juicer or blender is unclean, the juice won’t be useful enough for your health.

    Tips to store wheatgrass juice after making

    It’s time to store wheatgrass juice for future purposes. Drinking wheatgrass juice instantly after making it is the best move. But, you shouldn’t waste the extra juice by throwing it away. If you maintain the following tips rigorously, you can store the drink in fresh condition. 

    • Store the wheatgrass juice in a tightly closed container. You can preserve it inside the refrigerator for several hours. Perhaps, the authentic flavor, as well as the composition of the juice, will disappear after the preservation. 
    • You can freeze wheatgrass juice by keeping it in the ice cube trays. But, it’s not a good idea as the necessary enzymes won’t remain active anymore.
    • Storing wheatgrass juice also can be performed in a plastic container. You need to freeze the juice in the cube shape and then, keep them in the container. For short time preservation, it’s the best move. 
    • Preserving only raw wheatgrass juice is acceptable. If it’s mixed with other food ingredients, you shouldn’t preserve it for later. 

    You can do some amazing stuff with the leftover pulp

    There will remain some leftover pulp inside your juicer or blender. Here are some amazing things to do with it instead of throwing it out. 

    • You can use the leftover pulp in veggie burgers to integrate the food value. Besides, you can taste a new flavor while eating the burger. 
    • If you’re habituated to eating scrambled eggs in the morning, you can add the leftover pulp. It’ll be one of the most delicious and nutrient-filled breakfasts for you. 
    • Using leftover pulps in the fruit smoothie is a great way. Adding leftover wheatgrass pulp makes the smoothie thicker and tastier. 
    • Adding leftover pulp in the muffins or other baked foods is another great way. You’ll need fewer oils or butter in case you use the leftover pulp. 
    • Some ice cubes can be made from the leftover pulp. When drinking water, you can add one slice from the cubes. It’ll increase the flavor as well as the food value. 
    • Making crackers from wheatgrass leftover pulp is an underrated idea. The crackers will be full of vitamins and antioxidants. Moreover, you can get a diet advantage from the crackers. 

    The best recipe to eat wheatgrass with

    This part talks about the best recipes to eat with the wheatgrass ingredient. You can create a lot of new items but we’re elaborating on some popular dishes. 

    Wheatgrass latte

    You’ll need 1 cup of milk with wheatgrass powder to make a wheatgrass latte. Simply, mix all the ingredients in a pot and shake up with a spoon. You can use a few drops of pure stevia with the latte if you wish. It’s recommended to take a latte instead of coffee or soda. 

    Wheatgrass smoothie

    To make a wheatgrass smoothie, you’ll need spinach, banana, and wheatgrass powder. Mix 1 cup of spinach, 1 frozen banana, and 1 tsp of organic wheatgrass powder together. You can also use 1 tbsp of cacao nibs with the smoothie. Blend all the ingredients until all the items get mixed properly. You should take this delicious item in the time of light early dinner. 

    Fruit juice with wheatgrass

    You can make a glass of amazing fruit juice with wheatgrass powder. Along with spinach and cucumber, you can add organic apple slices and a squeeze of lemon. Add all the items serially inside your juicer and mix them precisely. It’s recommended to take the juice at least one hour after having the meal. 

    Regular salad dressing with wheatgrass

    To make the salad with wheatgrass, you can use various kinds of fruits and vegetables. Using avocado, lime juice, garlic clove, olive oil, salt, and cumin is recommended to make the best salad. Put all the ingredients inside a food processor and mix them perfectly. To increase the test level, you can add some roughly chopped coriander. You should take this salad item instead of a heavy meal. 

    Ice cream and wheatgrass combo

    Mixing the ice cream with wheatgrass powder will increase the taste of the ice cream. You can also add avocado, coconut, and nut butter to this dish. Hence, you can get a different taste as well as advantageous food value from it. 

    Are there any side effects?

    Most often, your body can’t suit with wheatgrass juice after the first trial. Some minor symptoms can be revealed after taking the drink. But, these symptoms will disappear after a certain time and your body will adjust to them. 

    • You can face minor headache problems after drinking wheatgrass juice. 
    • Within the first two weeks of taking the drink, you may face a constipation problem. It indicates that your digestive system is reassembling. 
    • There might be a little fever for a few days after taking wheatgrass juice. It happens for your immune system activation. 
    • Pregnant women should stay away from taking wheatgrass juice. Some people may get attached to allergic reactions and blood disorders. Moreover, it’s possible to be affected by celiac disease after starting to drink wheatgrass juice. 

    Frequently Ask Question

    This section can satisfy you with some general questions along with straightforward answers related to wheatgrass juice. 

    How much wheatgrass juice should you drink a day?

    You should drink approximately 30 ml of wheatgrass drink a day. It’s recommended to make the dose double if you’ve recovered from any health issue. You shouldn’t exceed the drinking limit as it can lead you to severe or chronic health diseases.

    Can we drink wheatgrass juice daily?

    Building up a habit of drinking wheatgrass juice depends on your preferences. If you’re under any treatment, then take the schedule from your doctor. Otherwise, you can drink wheatgrass juice daily or, one day after another. 

    Is wheatgrass bad for kidneys?

    No, wheatgrass is clinically proven for the improvement of your kidneys. Wheatgrass juice contains high levels of nutrients and antioxidants which are helpful for the kidneys. It also cleans the urinary tracts along with the kidneys. 

    Can I juice wheatgrass in a normal juicer?

    Yes, you can perfectly make the wheatgrass juice in a normal juicer. Among the juicer and the blender options, it’s recommended to pick up a juicer. You should use the masticating juicer with more functionality to get better results. 

    Can you blend wheatgrass instead of juicing?

    The best way to prepare wheatgrass juice is using a juicer. But, you can use a high-powered blender in case you don’t have the juicer. You need to add sufficient water and blend it carefully. Otherwise, the juicing experience will be so bad and the blender may get stopped. 


    Making wheatgrass juice isn’t something like rocket science. It’s easy to prepare but requires the highest attention and perfection. If you have picked up the right ingredients, then you can make a glass of perfect wheatgrass juice. 

    You’ve earned a wide knowledge of how to make wheatgrass juice. Using both a high-end blender and juicer is acceptable to make wheatgrass juice. But, we recommend using a juicer because it’ll make the work easier. 

    However, instead of taking wheatgrass juice directly, you can dilute it with vegetable or fruit juice. To get the proper nutrients from the juice, you need to prepare it in one of our depicted methods. Once you’re habituated to drinking wheatgrass juice, you can notice your health improvement on a larger scale. 

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