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Are Cold Press Juicers the Same As Slow Juicers? Here is the Secret!

    Are Cold Press Juicers the Same As Slow Juicers

    Often people get confused over a question such as, are cold press juicers the same as slow juicers? Well, not going to lie, there are obviously multiple types of juicers so this kind of hesitation is normal. What you need to be sure about is are these two really similar.

    To me, the answer is yes. Slow and cold press juicers are the two names for masticating juicers. Different brands verify them in different names even though they’re the exact thing. Both of the machines work in a slow mode (speed) and make the perfect amount of juice every time.

    Here, you’ll be able to find out about what these two juicers are and why you should go for them. Let’s buckle up!


    What is Cold Press/Slow Juicer?

    What is Cold Press Slow Juicer?

    Let me tell you first that a cold press or slow juicer is considered a masticating juicer. This type of juicer processes at a very slow speed within 80-100 rpm by creating the highest form of juice yield.

    You can prepare your drink with less oxidation and heat; hence the juice will be properly healthy. Not only this, but also masticating juicer creates a thick drink that’ll provide you with the exact fresh taste of fruits and veggies.

    However, a cold press juicer may take a little bit more time than other centrifugal juicers. You have to wait a little more to have the amazing outcome!

    Are Cold Press Juicers the Same as Slow Juicers?

    Are Cold Press Juicers the Same as Slow Juicers

    Absolutely, cold press juicers are the same as slow juicers. Basically, a masticating juicer is known by multiple names in different brands. Slow/cold press juicers are just the same kinds. They’re kind of expensive yet functional for any type of drink.

    If you want to crush all those tough veggies or fruits, you need to pre-cut them and put them into the machine. They’ll take 5-6 minutes per glass, which will be more than worth it.

    On top of that, you can store your cold press juice for 3 days straight, which is a massive plus point of these juicers. Just make sure it’s a masticating juicer and that’ll be it.

    Advantages of Cold Press/Slow Juicers

    Advantages of Cold Press/Slow Juicers

    Now that you’re sure about the concept of these two (basically one) juicers, let’s move on to the benefits part. 

    • Highest Nutrition

    Slow juicers are one of the best forms of drinking nutritious juice. As these juicers crash the fruits slowly, all the vitamins and minerals stay intact. They don’t break down and as a result, you can get the perfect drink for your stomach.

    • Less Oxidation

    The oxidation of cold press juicers is less than any other juicers. They chew the food in a manner where the heat is very low. This way, the chemical rate remains low too.

    You can get a very hygienic plus non-toxic drink made in a slow juicer for sure.

    • Much Storage
    Advantages of Cold Press/Slow Juicers

    The great thing about cold press juicers is they can be stored for 3 days. As the oxidation is less, there’s less foamy texture as well. And for this, your drink won’t be attracted to bacteria. Thus, you can store it for later.

    • Exact taste

    Most people complain about the taste of juices after the making. But, with slow juicers, you won’t face it at all.

    Slow juicers have bio-magnetic features which will intact the taste and thickness of the fruit/veggie at any cost. You’ll be having the best authentic juice ever, trust me!

    • More Juice

    Often in other juicers, the amount of juice seems a little less compared to cold press ones. In cold press juicers, with slight ingredients, you can drink a huge amount.

    The machine makes sure you get every bit of the fruit in your drink. This helps reduce the wastage of food, which is also beneficial for the world.

    • Low Maintenance
    Advantages of Cold Press/Slow Juicers

    Cold press/slow juicers are actually very low-maintenance products. You don’t have to look after it 24/7. You can keep it in any corner of your kitchen and it’ll be their being durable for a long time.

    Also, the cleaning process here is super easy as it comes with a few parts. Just through some baking soda with warm water and clean it perfectly.

    The juicers are also dishwasher safe so it’s more convenient as well.

    • Helps with Major Issues

    Drinking the healthiest juice can keep your digestion system good. It also can help all the toxins in your body to go away.

    Therefore, you’ll be having a great metabolism and energy throughout the day. Cool isn’t it?


    1. Is a cold press juicer better?

    If you want to have less haste and less waste, cold press juicers are the saviors. They have less oxidation, less foam, and fewer toxins to make your drink absolutely perfect.

    Thus, a nutritious juice will be there for your healthy stomach.

    1. What juicer can handle celery?

    Celery and other tough vegetables should be handled by a type of juicer that’ll crash them perfectly. And for this, masticating aka cold press aka slow juicer is the best. 

    They ensure the nutritious value while keeping the taste perfect of the drink.

    1. Is buying a slow juicer worth it?

    Purchasing a slow juicer is always worth it. Even if they’re a bit expensive, if you get the right one, it’ll give you health benefits for the rest of your life.

    Moreover it has amazing design, sharp blades, easy cleaning process and more storage opportunities.


    So what do you think? Are cold press juicers the same as slow juicers? I guess so. They’re the other names of masticating juicers that bring out the best healthy qualities in you. 

    You can enjoy your morning/evening drink with the exact taste as well. Also, it’ll provide you with the same energy and outcome with different experiments. Make sure to keep the juicer clean and it’ll last forever.

    Good luck!

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