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How Do You Use A Manual Citrus Juicer – In The Easy Way?

    How Do You Use A Manual Citrus Juicer

    If you’re struggling to keep up with your Vitamin C intake, you need to own a manual citrus juicer. If you own one, you’ll need to know how to use it to get the best result. So, how do you use a manual citrus juicer?

    Manual citrus juicers are effortless to use, to be honest. Whether you use a handheld squeezer, a cone-shaped juicer, a reamer, or even a hand press juicer, the extraction is quick and straightforward. All you’ll need to do is a twist, pull, or press the half-cut citrus fruit to use any of the manual citrus juicer models.

    I’m telling you, it’s like a walk in the park yet easier. So, let’s dig in more and know all about it!


    Ingredients You Need to Make Citrus Juice

    Ingredients You Need to Make Citrus Juice

    Owning a manual citrus juicer feels like a win. So a great step-by-step manual on how to perfect your refreshing drink would just make you hit the home run!

    Here’s all that you need to check to make the best citrus juice:

    • Fruit

    The most common citrus fruits available in the market are lemons, oranges, mandarins, tangerines, grapefruits, etc. So for starters, pick your choice of citrus.

    • Fork

    A fork is needed for the final part of the juice-making process. Once you are done extracting the juice using a manual citrus juicer, you can use the fork to prick in the citrus fruit. The residuals, if there are any, can be collected using the fork.

    • Spoon

    I’m certain you won’t forget to stir the juice with your choice of sweetener but keep a spoon. It’ll come in handy. Use the spoon to mix your citrus drink.

    How Do You Use A Manual Citrus Juicer
    • Stand mixer

    If you are planning on making drinks for all your friends and family in one go, you’ll need a stand mixer. This will help stir a large amount of juice in one go. 

    You’ll just need to pour the water, extracts, and sugar in; the rest will be taken care of automatically.

    • Microwave

    To get your citrus fruit juicer ready, you need to have it at room temperature. Usually, citrus fruits are refrigerated. To get the maximum amount of citrus extract, the best thing is to microwave your citrus for about 10-15 seconds.

    • Knife

    Knives are essential. You can’t move forward without cutting the citrus fruit in half. To do it, a knife’s your ultimate tool.

    How Do You Use A Manual Citrus Juicer

    How Do You Use A Manual Citrus Juicer

    There are a few steps you need to follow to use a manual citrus juicer. Some steps are for the preparation part and the rest for the extraction. So let’s take a look.     

    • Zest It

    To get the best result from using a manual citrus juicer, you can zest your choice of citrus. Zest means peeling off the skin with the help of a fork or a knife.

    You can zest it by placing the half-cut citrus on a chopping board. Then you can remove the skin by cutting them off the edges.

    • Pick Up Room Temperature Fruits

    Ensure the citrus fruits are at room temperature. You don’t want to make juices using frozen or refrigerated citrus fruits. At room temperature, they’ll have the best amount of extraction.

    • Microwave the Fruit

    In case you got lemons by the dozens and kept them in the freezer to keep them fresh, I got you covered. 

    Microwave your citrus fruit for about 10-15 seconds and then do the extraction.

    • Roll It (If It’s A Lemon/Orange)

    If your choice of citrus is lemons and oranges, make sure you roll them before cutting them into halves. 

    Rolling makes sure juices are easily extracted from citrus fruits. The buds of the fruits are softened to pour out the extracts without much pressure. 

    • Cut Lengthwise

    Cutting your fruit in messy shapes will not get you the best result. You’ll need to cut in lengthwise to get the best output. 

    Put the fruit horizontally on the chopping board and cut it from the middle lengthwise and you’re good to go.

    Is Manual Citrus Juicer Worthy?

    Is Manual Citrus Juicer Worthy

    It’s absolutely worth it. If you’re a fan of citrus fruits, you’d know the best way to enjoy them is to make refreshing drinks. So once you know how to use a manual citrus juicer, you can stay hydrated with all fresh and healthy juices every day.

    Moreover, using a big juicer is not quite efficient if you quickly need a squeeze of lemon. With a manual citrus juicer, you can easily get it done.

    It’s available in the market and very affordable. A manual citrus juicer doesn’t need much maintenance and can be stored easily. It’ll make your life easier, healthier, and refreshing.

    Can Everyone Use a Manual Citrus Juicer?

    I am sure it’s not that challenging. And by now, after having a thorough read, I’ll suggest you try to use a manual citrus juicer and fix yourself a refreshing drink.

    With all the details and steps mentioned, anybody can now easily use a manual citrus juicer.


    • Do you always need to microwave your citrus fruit?

    No, only if the fruit has been refrigerated or not at room temperature, microwave the fruit. And then, use a manual citrus juicer to do the extraction.

    • Can you use a manual citrus juicer without zesting your citrus fruit?

    Yes, you could leave out zesting the fruit. However, some citrus fruits can be used in a better way in a manual juicer after zesting.

    • Do all manual citrus juicers have reamers?

    No, not all the models can filter the extract. You can always use an extra sieve to get rid of any seeds that came along with the citrus extraction.


    With a little twist, press, and pull with minimal preparation, you can easily use a manual citrus juicer every day for the rest of your life.

    Using a manual citrus juicer is simple, quick, and handy. Knowing the use of this little tool will help you big time. This way, you can stay hydrated with all your favorite citrus drinks.Well, now you know, it’s quite easy to use a manual citrus juicer. If you still find the question of “how do you use a manual citrus juicer” daunting, give this piece another go and you’ll not be disappointed.

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