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How To Use Omega Juicer- Pro Tips

    How To Use Omega Juicer

    Omega juicer is one of the renowned brands for juice lovers. Along with some attractive features, it’s reliable for a sturdy build as well as longevity. Unfortunately, a few people don’t have any idea how to use Omega juicer. As a result, they can’t prepare juice and enjoy the juicing experience. 

    It’s all about assembling various parts of the juicer and using them properly to prepare juice. Besides, you need to follow some strict rules to wash your Omega juicer properly. After preparing the juice, you need to assemble the juicer to clean the washable parts. 

    However, here you know about the exact juicing process along with the ingredients list. To enjoy the prepared juice perfectly, there is no alternative to an attractive serving. You can get the juicing service from your Omega juicer for a long time by doing proper maintenance. 


    How to properly use your omega juicer- Step by Step Process

    A complete guideline on how to use Omega juicer is demonstrated here. Go through the following steps carefully to use your Omega juicer precisely. 


    The unboxing process starts with cutting the package and ends with assembling the parts. 

    Cutting the packet

    Carefully, cut the package without damaging the juicer parts. After that, put the parts together and start assembling them. 

    Assembling the parts 

    Put the motor base in the expedient position and put the filter base on it. Now, you need to fit the Nutri Disc perfectly. If you face any complications during the time of assembling, look at the user manual.

    However, now, put the juicer cover and food pusher perfectly. You may face trouble with setting the food pusher in the place. In that case, slide it down and apply some force to it. Before attaching the pulp container, attach a pulp collecting bag with it. 

    Initial preparation

    Let’s see what you have to do before preparing your desired juice. 

    Collecting the ingredients (500 ml)

    You need to get the following ingredients to prepare juice using your Omega juicer. 

    • 7 orange (Medium-sized)
    • Sugar (3 tsp)
    • Water 
    • Flavor (For commercial purposes)

    Collecting the ingredients (250 ml)

    Get these ingredients to make orange juice with your Omega juicer. 

    • 3/4 orange (Medium-sized)
    • Sugar (1.5 tsp)
    • Water 
    • Flavor (For commercial purposes)

    Washing and cutting

    Washing fruits and vegetables with water rinse remove primary debris from its upper surface. Rub them using your hands and keep water on them. 

    Now, remove the hard peel of the ingredients and cut them into your desired slices. If there is any seed, extract it using a knife or spoon. After cutting the ingredients in the right manner, gently put them inside the juicer. Never add ingredients inside the juicer forcefully. It can damage the blade and hamper your juicing experience. 

    Making juice 

    Now, you’re at the most important part of using your Omega juicer. To know the correct juicing process, go through this section. 

    Turn on the juicer

    Turn on the juicer with its ON switch after connecting to the power outlet. Don’t forget to put the juicer cover back before turning on the juicer. 

    Keep juicing

    Let the juicer prepare juice for you. You have nothing to do but wait. The juicer will extract the pulp and get the juice perfectly. You need to turn off the juicer for a while and restart it. The pulp will automatically be removed and so, you have no more task except for observing if any trouble arises. 

    Serving the juice

    Let’s see what’s the decent process of serving the juice. 

    Collect the juice

    The Omega juicer will allow you to collect the juice from the selected point. Put a container or pot at the position from where the juice will come out. Remember, the container should hold the whole juice. Otherwise, it may overflow the juice and create a disaster.

    Transfer the juice to an aesthetic cup

    It’s time to serve the juice in your desired cup or glass. Simply, transfer the juice from the container using a funnel. For better results, you can use a filter to make the juice 100% safe. Now, decorate the glass or cup in your preferable way and serve it. 


    For storing your Omega juicer for a long time, it’s mandatory to clean it after every use. By following the detailed cleaning process, you can ensure the longevity of your juicer. 

    Disassembling the parts

    First, you need to unplug the juicer from the power outlet. After that, carefully remove the pulp container by pivoting the bottom of it. Now, using your hands, lift over the grooves and move the locking arm in the down position. This action will help you to disassemble the juicer cover.

    It’s time to remove the Nutri Disc and filter bowl. You need to hold the motor base to detach the Nutri Disc successfully. Hold the motor base, pull the Nutri Disc upward- that’s it. After that, turn the filter bowl upside down to detach. 

    Soak the parts

    Soak the parts of the Omega juicer in soap water for several minutes. If you’re intended to remove tough residue, you need to go for the mixture of vinegar. Soak all the washable parts inside it for several minutes before applying water rinse. 

    Wash them properly

    Now, apply a brush or scrubber to remove debris from the juicer parts. Carefully rub the inner part of the juicer body unless you want to injure your hand. Put the parts under water and rinse until it gets fully cleaned. 

    Let them dry

    Once all the parts are cleaned, put them in a convenient place. Wipe the parts using a dry cloth carefully. Then, put them uncovered for at least one night under the air. After that, they need to be stored again and preserved in a safe place. 

    Maintenance tips

    By following these tips, you can extend the lifespan of the Omega juicer. 

    • Clean the juicer with a soft brush unless you want to create stains on it.
    • Wipe the juicer parts with a dry cloth before storing them. 
    • Never let the motor base be washed. Keep the motor base clean only with a piece of dry cloth. 
    • Stay away from using a faulty power outlet. It can damage the juicer’s performance forever. 
    • The juicer should be stored inside the package being disassembled in the right manner. You should follow the user manual to maintain the juicer. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Uses of Omega Juicer

    This section deals with some common questions related to the Omega juicer using process.

    How do you turn on an Omega juicer?

    First, you need to attach the juicer with a stable power outlet. Allow it to run by pressing on the ON switch. It’ll allow you to start juicing. Sometimes, you may face trouble in turning on the Omega juicer. In that circumstance, you need to repeat the work and check if there’s any damage to the switch or cord. 

    How do I use my Omega 8007 juicer? 

    The Omega 8007 juicer using process isn’t different from the regular Omega juicer. After unboxing the packet, assemble all the parts following the manual. Wash the juicer properly and start juicing. And, you need to ensure deep cleaning after preparing juice with an Omega 8007 juicer. 

    How do you use the Omega 1000 juicer?

    First, unbox the parts carefully and assemble them. Put the motor base to the ground and put other parts on it one by one. Next, you need to turn on the switch and start juicing. After preparing juice, collect it and let the pulp move in the garbage bag. And, finally, wash your Omega 1000 juicer with soap or vinegar and store it for the future.

    How do I use my Omega 8008? 

    To use Omega 8008 juicer, you need to cut the fruits or vegetables in convenient sizes. Then, put them inside the juicer and start juicing. Once the juice is prepared, clean the juicer using soap and scrubber. To remove stubborn stains, go for the mixture of vinegar and water. Finally, let the parts of the juicer dry and store them correctly. 


    Using an Omega juicer isn’t a tough job. You don’t need to perform a lot of manual activities with this juicer. Due to user-friendly features, preparing juice with this juicer is pretty simple. If you’re interested to know how to use Omega juicer, this writing may help you with all the elaborate steps. 

    Assembling is the first task to do after unboxing the Omega juicer. By following our depicted method, it can be done within a few minutes. After that, prepare the ingredients and put them inside the juicer. Once you’re ready to go, turn on the juicer and let the juice be prepared. 

    Serving the juice in the right manner is essential. So, follow the tips described here for commercial purposes. After making the juice, it’s mandatory to clean the juicer with water. And finally, put the parts of the juicer back in their place and store them for future use.

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