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How To Use Breville Juicer- Advance Tricks and Tips

    How To Use Breville Juicer


    In the world of juicing, Breville Juicer is a trustworthy name. Making various types of juice while maintaining the desired concentration and quality is the priority of this juicer. To enjoy a cup of healthy juice, you should know how to use Breville juicer. 

    This juicer is easy to use if you have a clear conception of all of its parts. You need to assemble the juicer perfectly for starting the juicing process. Hence, you can prepare the juice from any conventional fruit or vegetable. Before putting the ingredients into the juicer, they should be prepared in the right manner. 

    Juicing with a Breville juicer is possible to continue for months after months by washing it properly after every use. You need to store the juicer and so, knowing about its disassembling is mandatory. However, you should stay concerned about the juicer’s safety alerts while using it. 


    Know the components first 

    Here you know a brief elaboration about all the parts of the Breville juicer. 

    Food pusher

    The top-positioned part of this juicer is its food pusher. It pushes the fruit and vegetable towards the chute. This part is removable and comes with a handy grip. 

    Extra-wide feed chute

    The second part is an extra-wide feed chute. It comes with a unique design that is patented by the manufacturer. A whole apple, carrot, peeled orange, and other items can fit here perfectly. 

    Safety lock

    A safety lock is added with this juicer in a vertical position. Its main responsibility is to prevent unwanted juicing attempts. 

    Pulp container

    When preparing the juice, a huge amount of pulps get produced from the fruit or vegetable. For the highest user convenience, the Breville juicer comes with a high-quality pulp container. This container has an integrated handle for better grip. 

    OFF button

    This button is used to stop the juicing process whenever you want. If you want to make the juice thick, you may use the button accordingly. 


    The juicer cover comes with a sturdy build and a good finish. It’s washable in any regular dishwasher. 

    The motor in the base

    A high-performance 1000 watt motor is added with this juicer. This motor is placed at the base position of the juicer. You shouldn’t wash the base as there is a chance to damage the motor with water. 

    Juice collecting jug

    A 1-liter juice collecting jug comes with the juicer set. It’s marked with a quantity scale. For the convenience of the users, it comes with a sturdy handle. The base of the jug is flat enough for ensuring its safe balancing. 

    Assemble your Breville juicer to use it properly 

    From this part, you can know how to put a Breville juicer together. Without its successful assembling, you can’t start to prepare the desired juice.

    • Start with the motor base

    Place the motor base in your convenient position. Then, put the filter bowl on the base perfectly. 

    • Fit the Nutri Disc

    Make sure that the Nutri Disc is fitted with the motor base arrows. When it’s ready to go, it’ll click into place. 

    • Place the juicer cover

    Now, place the juicer cover over the filter bowl part of the juicer. You should follow the sample picture of the user manual in case you don’t get it. 

    • Use the safety lock

    By raising the arm of the safety lock, you can activate the lock. This will help you to prevent unwanted turning ON of the juicer. 

    • Deal with the food pusher

    Slide the food pusher down with a little force. Try to move it towards the feed chute slowly. When it’s in the right place, it can’t be moved anymore. 

    • Place the pulp container

    Put a pulp collecting bag before placing the pulp container. Then, set the container into its position by tilting slightly. 

    • Set the juice collecting jug

    The juice collecting jug should be placed in the position of the juice extraction point. It should be kept on the right-hand side of the juicer. 

    Make juice with Breville juicer 

    This part will elaborate on how to make juice with Breville juicer. You can get a proper guideline from here on how to make Breville juicer oranges. Follow the steps carefully to make any kind of fruit or green juice similarly.

    Get the ingredients (For 500 mL juice)

    • 7-8 medium-sized orange
    • Sugar (If necessary)
    • Water (According to the desired thickness)

    Get the ingredients (For 250 mL juice)

    • 3-4 medium-sized orange
    • Sugar (If necessary)
    • Water (According to the desired thickness)

    Washing and cutting the oranges

    • Wash all the fruit items and other ingredients for your desired juice.
    • If the fruits are full of hard peel, uncover them using a knife. 
    • Then, cut each orange into equal slices. When slicing them, try to protect the juice from losing. You should use a chopping board to make the cutting session convenient. 
    • Now, make the orange seed out using a knife or spoon. 

    Put the ingredients into the juicer

    • Put the sliced orange inside the juicer one by one. If you want to make any special type of juice, you can add your desired ingredients. 
    • The last move is adding freshwater. We recommend adding mineral water for a better outlook after juicing. 

    Start juicing

    • Plugin the juicer using a power outlet. Then, turn the switch of the juicer ON. 
    • Your Breville juicer will start to prepare the juice. There will be a little bit of noise while running the juicer’s motor. 
    • When the juice comes to your expected thickness, you should stop juicing. The juice will be collected to the collection jug after being prepared. 

    Collect and serve

    • It’s time to collect the juice from the collecting container. As the pulps are separated, you don’t need to filter them again. Simply transfer the juice to the serving glasses. 
    • If you want to filter the juice for better results, use a strainer. It’ll resist some unwanted pulps and juicing materials entering into the serving glass.

    Disassemble for cleaning and storing

    It’s time to disassemble the juicer for cleaning and storing purposes. Like assembling the juicer, the disassembling process is also easy. By following the depicted steps below, you can disassemble the juicer. 

    • Unplug from the power outlet

    By pressing the OFF button, you should ensure its disconnection. Besides, unplug the power outlet to start the disassembling process without any hassle. 

    • Disposing of the pulp container

    Disposing of the pulp container can be done using your hands. Simply, pivot the bottom of the pulp container and detach it from the juicer. 

    • Remove the juicer cover

    Put your two hands on both sides of the locking arm. To remove the juice cover, lift over the grooves. Move the locking arm down carefully. Then, you can simply take out the juicer cover from the juicer. 

    • Remove the Nutri Disc

    Firmly hold the juicer’s base to remove the Nutri Disc. After that, turn the filter bowl and then, you can remove the Nutri Disc from the juicer. 

    • Lifting off the filter bowl

    The last part to detach from the juicer base is the filter bowl. Turn the filter bowl upside down and it will be ready to be disassembled. After being disassembled, simply take the filter bowl and keep it aside. Now, the juicer’s base is free from all the parts of the juicer.

    Clean the juicer after making juice 

    To store the juicer for future use, you need to clean the juicer precisely. You should remember that all the parts are not suitable for dishwashing. After completing the successful disassemble, you should follow these instructions to clean the juicer

    • Remove pulps from the pulp container

    The first task is to remove the pulps from the pulp collector. As you have used a pulp collection bag, you need to dispose of the bag of the collector. 

    • Rinse all the parts under the running water

    Take all the parts in a large bowl and gather them near a large sink. Now, start to run the water and primarily remove the residue of the juice. You need to rinse the pulp collector, chute, and juice collector with some extra time. 

    • Soak the parts in the warm water

    Now, soak all the removed parts in a dishwasher using enough warm water. This action helps to remove unwanted stains as well as odor from the juicer’s parts. 

    • Soak the Nutri Disc in the soapy water

    If you want to ensure better cleaning for the Nutri Disc, soak it in soapy water. Take the Nutri Disc out of the warm water and then, put it in the soapy water. You shouldn’t keep it there for more than 10 minutes. 

    • Wash the parts properly

    Now, wash all the parts carefully. Rub the body of the different parts and try to make it as clean as possible. You should use clean water to wash the Breville juicer parts. 

    • Wipe the juicer base

    The juicer base isn’t suitable for being cleaned with water. Instead, you can use a dry cloth to wipe its outer surface. Some unwanted drops of the juice on the base surface can be removed by following this method. 

    Store it safely for future use 

    After cleaning all the parts of the juicer, you need to store it for future use. In this section, you know about how to put a Breville juicer back in the box. 

    • Dry the parts

    After completing the cleaning process, let the parts dry in the airflow. You should avoid excessive sunlight to avoid heat damage. 

    • Wipe with a cloth

    Before storing the parts, you should wipe them using a dry cloth. This action will remove debris and spots from the different parts of the juicer. 

    • Correctly place it inside the box

    It’s time to put the parts inside the box just like the day of unboxing it. You can take the help of the user manual to put the parts back in their place. Carefully put the parts in the correct place and seal the box. And then, keep it in any expedient and safe place for storing until the next use. 

    Safety measurements while using the juicer

    Obeying the following safety measurements can prevent the user as well as juicer from any unexpected situation. 

    • Carefully connect the juicer using the power outlet. Never turn the switch on before plugging in the plug. 
    • While assembling its parts, stay alert unless you want to break any of them. 
    • Wash the washable parts using clean water after the first purchase. It’ll protect you from bacterias and many chemical attacks. 
    • Place the juicer in a convenient and free place while preparing the juice. Also, ensure you have enough time to prepare the juice and deal with the necessary steps. 
    • Never touch any part of the juicer without any reason while preparing the juice. It may disrupt the juicing process.
    • Never put the base and other sensitive parts inside the water. Your juicer will be damaged permanently as the motor will stop working.
    • If any food gets stuck inside the juicer, try to remove it with the help of the food pusher. Pressing additional force may threaten the longevity of your juicer. 

    How to use Breville cold plus juicer

    Let’s know the process of using a Breville cold plus juicer.

    • Prepare the ingredients by washing and cutting them properly.
    • After that, put the ingredients inside the juicer. You should use the food pusher to push the ingredients perfectly. 
    • Now, connect the power cord into a 240 V power outlet. To check the connection status, turn the switch on. 
    • The juicer will start to juice all the ingredients. It’s all about waiting and collecting your desired juice. 

    How to use Breville juice fountain elite

    • After washing and preparing the ingredients perfectly, connect the power cord with the 110 V outlet. You can also use the 120 V outlet to connect the cord. 
    • Before that, place all the ingredients inside the juicer using the food chute. By using a food pusher, let the fruits or leaves or other items be entered forcefully. 
    • Turn the juicer on and the juicer will do the residual work. You just need to collect the juice and enjoy it. 

    How do you juice limes with a Breville juicer?

    By following the steps below, you can juice limes with a Breville juicer. 

    • Cut the fresh lemons into various slices with a sharp knife. Try to minus the stem as much as possible.
    • Now, separate the main part from the peel of the lemon. You should carefully perform this step because there is a chance of losing some juice. 
    • Put the collected part of the lime and mix your desired ingredients inside the juicer. 
    • Then, mix the ingredients and prepare your desired drink. 

    Frequently  Asked Questions about uses of Breville Juicer

    This section comes with some popular questions and their answers about the Breville juicer. 

    Can you put a whole orange in a Breville juicer?

    Yes, you can put a whole orange in a Breville juicer. The extra-wide food chute of the Breville juicer allows the whole orange to enter. But, the orange should be removed from its peel. Otherwise, the juice won’t be edible anymore and the juicer may stop working.

    Does Breville juicer juice leafy greens?

    Breville juicer is great for juicing the green leaves. From spinach to kale- all kinds of green leaves can be juiced using it. The user is instructed to cut the stems before putting the leaves inside the juicer. Hence, the perfect juice can be produced using the juicer. 

    How do you use the Breville citrus press?

    Breville citrus press is a great tool for squeezing citrus fruits like lemons. Put the citrus fruit in the fixed position on the tool. And then, create pressure on the fruit to make its juice out. The juice created by the Breville citrus press is okay to use in the Breville juicer. 

    Final words

    Breville juicer can serve you healthy and tasty juice from various fruits, vegetables, and green leaves. Your responsibility is to operate the juicer and collect the juice from the container. Keeping a clear idea of how to use Breville juicer must help you to improve your juicing experience. 

    Breville juicer comes with quality packaging and is easy to assemble. Now, you are acquainted with all the necessary parts and can assemble them by following some easy steps. Hence, disassembling and cleaning its washable parts are also super easy and not time-killing. 

    If you’re thinking about preparing delicious juice in an instant, you should go for this advanced juicer. This juicer is determined to serve the juice with optimum thickness as well as nutrients. Unless you disobey any safety measurements and juicing steps, your experience with this juicer must be superb.

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