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How To Use Jack LaLanne Power Juicer?

    How To Use Jack LaLanne Power Juicer

    You need to unlock the power juicer first to start the desired juicing process. This step can be performed by following some easy steps. Your next task is to start juicing in the right manner and cleaning the juicer with fresh water. 

    However, the Jack LaLanne power juicer comes with the easy disassembling facility of its parts. Here you’ll get the elaborated directions on both assembling and disassembling its parts. By following all the instructions depicted here, you can get a glass of tasty and healthy juice.


    The correct way to use Jack LaLanne power juicer

    The using process of Jack LaLanne power juicer is divided into a few segments for easy understanding. If you’re interested to know how to use Jack LaLanne power juicer, then here you go.

    First thing first – unlock Jack LaLanne Power Juicer 

    When you’re going to use Jack LaLanne’s power juicer for juicing, you need to wash it precisely. And it’s mandatory to disassemble its necessary parts to perform the washing step successfully. Here you get a complete guideline on how to unlock Jack LaLanne power juicer. 

    • Locate the juice spout locking mechanism underneath the receptacle. If the locking mechanism is okay, the juice spout will remain in the locked position. 
    • Turn the locking mechanism in the counterclockwise direction to unlock it. You need to line up the notch with the hinge pivot arm of the juicer spout. Your power juicer is unlocked now and ready to make the juice.

    What about juicing with a Jack LaLanne Juicer? 

    Making juice using Jack LaLanne juicer isn’t something like rocket science. It’s all about your concentration and maintaining the working sequences. You can follow these moves to get your desired juice. 

    Initial cleaning

    • After disassembling the parts, let them go through a normal wash. 
    • Keep the base and other sensitive parts away from water. The other components, especially the blade should be washed perfectly. 

    Cutting fruits in the right shape

    • If you’re going to make the single fruit juice, you need to cut the fruit in the right shape.
    • Some of the fruits may not contain the edible peel. Hence, you should dispose of the peel before putting them inside the juicer. 
    • In the case of mixed fruits, you need to mince all the ingredients. 

    Making the juice

    • Put the fruits inside the juicer. Add all essential ingredients after adding water to it. 
    • Turn the switch ON and let the juicer prepare fruit juice for you. 
    • Put a bowl or pot to collect the juice produced by the juicer. 

    Dealing with the leftover pulp

    • For better results, you can filter the juice once again. However, it’s not mandatory because the juicer can separate most of the pulps. After that, you’re ready to drink the juice.

    Clean your Jack LaLanne Power Juicer after juicing

    Cleaning Jack LaLanne power juicer requires some critical steps. The most difficult part is disassembling the juicer’s part. There is a higher probability to make a mistake while disassembling the juicer. However, go through the following instructions, and hence, you can clean your power juicer precisely. 

    Take Jack LaLanne’s power juicer apart with the crescent tool

    The package of Jack LaLanne power juicer comes with a crescent-shaped tool. By using this tool, you can easily take apart the blade of the power juicer. Here are the steps to take apart the blade of this power juicer using a crescent tool. 

    • The first responsibility is to unplug the juicer from the electricity connection. You should turn off the power button as well as unplug the socket. 
    • At this time, you need to remove the pusher. If you can’t identify it, you can take the help of the user manual. Perhaps, it’s on the top of the pulp guard. Lower the silver locking bar so that you can unlock the desired lid.
    • After unlocking the lid, simply remove the lid and the pulp collector at the minimum time interval. You can get them at the rear part of the power juicer. 
    • It’s time to apply the crescent tool. To unlock Jack LaLanne’s power juicer’s blade, press the two pegs of the tool into the two visible holes. You need to turn the tool in the counterclockwise direction at an instant. 
    • At the last stage, you need to carefully detach the blade from the juicer. You should also remove the filter from the juicer’s base. 

    How to take apart Jack LaLanne power juicer without a crescent tool

    Doesn’t your power juicer package contain any crescent tool with it? No worries. This part tells about how to open a Jack LaLanne power juicer without a crescent tool. You can detach the blade as well as the filter by the following steps. 

    • Disconnect the power source and ensure that the juicer won:t be activated anyhow while working.
    • As in the previous step, you should remove the pusher from the chute. 
    • Now, lower the locking bar so that you can unlock the lid of the power juicer. You need to remove the lid after the successful unlocking.
    • If you’re using the power juicer express, you need to remove the pulp collector then. After that, grasp the receptacle and blade with your two hands. Simply, twist them in the clockwise or the opposite direction and unlock them from the base. 
    • In case you’re a fusion juicer user, you need to remove the receptacle first. You’ve already removed the lid and so, your job is to separate the blade from the receptacle.

    The cleaning method of the power juicer

    By only using the rinse of water, you can wash Jack LaLanne’s power juicer. If you have disassembled the parts successfully, then you’re ready to go. 

    • Start the cleaning process from the base part. As the base comes with the motor, you can’t rinse it under the water. Instead, you can use a cloth or sponge to wipe the base surface. Ensure that no water is filling the inner part of the motor while wiping. 
    • Fill a bucket full of freshwater now. If the water is warm enough, the result will be much more effective. 
    • Put the lid, blade, pulp collector, and other removable parts inside it. You shouldn’t submerge any part without knowing if it’s suitable with the dishwasher. To be assured, go through the user manual before submerging the parts.
    • Wash the blade or filter first using a tiny bristle brush. As the blade is the closest component of the juice, it requires deep cleaning. Along with applying the brush, apply the rinse of water to clean them perfectly.
    • After successfully cleaning all the parts, dry them with a soft cloth. You can also let them dry in the natural air. 

    How to clean Jack LaLanne power juicer express

    It’s not so much different to clean Jack LaLanne’s power juicer express than other juicers. Follow the depicted steps to finish the cleaning appropriately. 

    • After the successful disassembling, you need to clean the base of the Jack LaLanne power juicer express. Instead of spraying any liquid, apply a soft damp cloth.
    • Gather all the washable parts in a dishwasher carefully. Mix the mild detergent along with the soapy water in the dishwasher before putting the parts there. Remember, you can’t put even a drop of water inside the base of the juicer. 
    • Let the parts stay there for a few minutes. Then, wash them with a tiny brush and water rinse. The blade or filter should be cleaned with some extra time. After doing all of these, you’re done with the washing part. 

    Finally, assemble Jack LaLanne power juicer

    Assembling Jack LaLanne power juicer can be performed by the following easy steps. 

    • Place the base of the juicer first on a flat surface. 
    • The receptacle should be placed on the base of the juicer. You need to settle the receptacle into alignment. 
    • Put the filter inside the receptacle and fix its appropriate position. After that, place the blade inside the filter. Use the crescent tool to tighten the screw peg of the blade. 
    • Now, place the lid and built-in-pulp guard in the desired position. Then, ensure that the locking bar is in the locked position. 
    • The last task is to insert the pusher. Gently push it to its desired place and you’re done. 


    Now, you have a deep knowledge to deal with the Jack LaLanne power juicer. Every newbie deserves to know how to use Jack LaLanne power juicer. It’s nothing difficult and related to any technical work. All you need to do- make the juice, clean it and store it back. 

    But, the juicing process isn’t as easy as making juice with your hands. Putting an inappropriate piece of fruit or vegetable can resist the juicing process. Besides, the juicer may not work properly in that case.

    Along with maintaining the proper juicing process, you should clean the juicer perfectly. A partially or inappropriately washed juicer is a great threat to human health. If you follow all the instructions carefully, assembling, disassembling, and cleaning the juicer will be much easier for you. 

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    1. I cannot get my juicer to power up. I have taken it apart, reassembled and when I hit the power switch, nothing.
      Outlet has power! parts are locked in place! Any thoughts. Can you possible send me an owner’s manual with trouble shooting information.
      Also, I live in Zip code 06824. Any suggestions for a service center if it comes to that.
      We love our machine and am missing our fresh juices

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