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How To Juice Spinach At Home For Beginners

    How To Juice Spinach At Home

    Are you bored of taking various spinach recipes regularly? Then you should try the refreshing and healthy spinach juice instead of cooking them. Making spinach juice is simple like other juice recipes. But, most beginners don’t know how to juice spinach at home perfectly. 

    Therefore, this writing can instruct you on everything about making a glass of delicious spinach juice. In addition to its taste, spinach juice is full of many health benefits. If someone is on a diet to decrease weight, spinach juice is one of the best tonics. 

    However, you can simply prepare spinach juice by following some easy steps. After performing the preparatory step successfully, you can move in your preferable way. Both frozen and raw spinach can be juiced using both a blender and a juicer. 


    The benefits of spinach juice

    Here you learn some top-rated benefits of spinach juice. 

    • For healthy vision, lutein and zeaxanthin are very essential. These antioxidants can be found in the spinach juice in the proper amount. 
    • Spinach juice can prevent the growth of cancer cells. A study says that spinach juice can reduce colon cancer tumors up to 56% approximately. 
    • People with high blood pressure should try spinach juice regularly. This juice is highly effective for decreasing arterial stiffness on a larger scale.
    • For the improvement of your hair and skin, spinach juice is a good tonic. There is vitamin C in spinach juice which protects you from skin damage. 
    • Spinach is clinically proven for increasing the red blood cell. If you take it regularly, its high nutrients can prevent you from Anemia. 
    • People suffering from various stomach problems can get rid of it easily by drinking spinach juice. Colitis, ulcers, constipation, and other problems can easily be solved by spinach juice.
    • Pregnant women are completely good with spinach juice. Spinach juice increases the amount as well as the quality of the mother’s milk.
    • Spinach juice is good for your healthy bones. Besides, it improves the construction of your teeth. The rich calcium level in spinach juice helps to improve these body parts. 
    • Spinach juice is an ideal drink for weight loss. As a single cup of spinach juice holds only 6 calories, it’s good for your health. 
    • The development of your nervous system gets improved by taking spinach juice regularly. Spinach juice is full of Magnesium which is effective for strengthening your nervous system. 

    The right way to juice spinach at home

    This part elaborates on a detailed overview of how to juice spinach. If you follow all the depicted instructions carefully, you can get healthy spinach juice. 

    Preparation is the key

    To make the spinach juice like professionals, you need to prepare everything perfectly. Here are the ingredient lists for making both 250mL and 500mL spinach juice. 

    Ingredients to prepare 250mL spinach juice

    • 1 cup chopped spinach
    • Half slice of a chopped apple (Or, half slice of a pear)
    • The half stalk of celery
    • Juice of ¼ slice of a lemon (optional)
    • Water- 1.5 to 2 cups

    Ingredients to prepare 500mL spinach juice

    • 2 cup chopped spinach
    • One-piece chopped apple (Or, one slice of pear in chopped condition)
    • 1 stalk of celery
    • Juice of ½ slice of a lemon (optional)
    • Water- 3 to 4 cups

    Some initial preparations

    Before starting the juicing process, you need to take some preparatory measurements. Here you know about some initial preparations for preparing spinach juice.

    • Select fresh spinach and fruits

    Find the fresh and healthy spinach leaves from any trusted source first. You need to pick other fruits also in fresh condition. While picking the fruits, be assured that they don’t contain any toxic chemical ingredients

    • Wash them properly

    The next task is to wash the fruits properly. You need to wash the spinach leaves in the rinse of fresh water. Rub the surface of the apple and lemon carefully using the water rinse. 

    • Cut the spinach and fruits

    It’s time to cut the spinach and fruits. Peel and chop apples into small pieces. If you’re going to prepare 250mL juice, slice the apple first from the middle. The spinach shouldn’t be chopped in either smaller or larger sizes. Chop them in medium-sized pieces using a clean and sharp knife. 

    • Prepare the juicer or blender

    Whatever a juicer or blender is selected by you, you need to wash them first. By following the manual book, disassemble all the parts carefully. Keeping the base away, clean all the washable parts in freshwater. Hence, you should dry them before checking their working status. 

    Make spicy spinach juice with a juicer

    It’s time to start the juicing process. Remember, disobeying any step or modifying any step in the wrong manner can make the juice disgusting. 

    Place a container at the extraction point

    • If you’re going to prepare 250mL spinach juice, put a suitable container under the juice extraction point. 
    • To make 500mL spinach juice, you need a larger-sized jar.
    • For better results, you can put a net on the collecting jar or container. 

    Put the ingredients together

    • First, pour the juice with the necessary water. It’s recommended to use mineral water for better results. 
    • Then, put the small slices of the apple. After that, add the other ingredients once by once. 

    Activate the juicer

    • Now, you need to turn on the juicer. 
    • After a while, you need to stop the juicer. Again, activate it and repeat the process until you get your desired visibility. 

    Collect the juice

    • You’re done with juicing using a juicer. Simply, move the container or jar and serve the juice in your desired glass or cup.

    Use a blender to juice spinach

    Instead of using a juicer, you can use a blender to prepare spinach juice. However, this action may require some additional time steps to perform. Here you get the complete guideline on preparing spinach juice using a blender machine

    Put water and ingredients in a blender

    • After preparing the blender and cutting the ingredients, pour the blender with water.
    • Then, add all the ingredients except for the spinach and lemon juice.

    Add spinach and lemon juice

    • Add the chopped spinach first. 
    • Then, pour the necessary lemon juice slowly. 

    Start blending

    • It’s time to start the blending process. Turn on the blender and let it prepare the juice.
    • After a certain time, turn off the blender and again, activate the juicing process. You may need to repeat it several times.

    Observe the chunks

    • Throughout the transparent part of the blender, observe if there is any chunk of the ingredients. 
    • If you find the chunk, then turn on the blender once more to make the perfect juice. 

    Use the strainer to collect the juice

    • Now, use the strainer to collect the fresh juice. The strainer will collect the leftover pulp and the residual juice will be passed through it. 
    • Collect the juice in a suitable jar or container. 

    Deal with the leftover pulp

    • For future purposes, collect the leftover pulps from spinach juice.
    • Otherwise, throw them away in a garbage basket. We recommend using the leftover pulp for fertilizer uses. 

    Transfer the juice to a serving glass

    • After completing the juicing process, transfer the juice to a serving glass.
    • If the amount of juice is very little, you can use a cup to serve. 

    What about juicing frozen spinach?

    Preparing spinach juice from frozen spinach is as simple as the normal process. Here you get some exclusive directions to prepare spinach juice from the frozen spinach.

    Partial preparation by thawing

    • Collect the frozen vegetables and fruits from the refrigerator. Your selected frozen items shouldn’t be preserved for a very long time. 
    • After that, partially thaw the spinach. Hence, we recommend using other ingredients like apples and celery in fresh condition. Thawing the spinach helps to reduce the additional pressure on the blade of your juicer. 

    Put the ingredients in the juicer

    • Like the fresh spinach juicing process, add water and other ingredients one by one.
    • Put spinach and lemon juice in the juicer after adding all the ingredients. 

    Start juicing

    • Activate the juicer and let it prepare the juice.
    • For better results, repeat the turning on and off of the juicer. It’ll help to maintain the absolute thickness of the spinach juice. 

    Collect the juice

    • The last move is to collect the juice from the juicer. You should have put a jar under the juice extraction point. Take the jar to a convenient place then. And, serve the juice in a nicely decorated cup or glass. 

    Can you juice raw spinach? How?

    Yes, raw spinach is also suitable for taking as a juice item. Follow the following steps to prepare the raw spinach juice. 

    Collect and cut the spinach

    • Collect fresh, raw spinach first.
    • Cut the stems of the spinach now. Then, prepare the residual spinach in the chopped condition. 

    Add water

    • It’s better if you wash the juicer’s parts before making the juice. 
    • Add necessary water to the juicer. 

    Add the spinach

    • Now, add the spinach into the juicer. As you are preparing the raw spinach juice, you shouldn’t add other ingredients. 

    Make the juice

    • The last task is to prepare the juice. Simply, turn on the juicer and let it prepare a healthy juice item for you. 
    • If the juice is thicker than your expectations, then add some water.
    • And then, activate the juicer once for a little time. Your desired spinach juice will be ready within a short time. 

    How to make spinach juice for weight loss? 

    Spinach juice for weight loss requires some additional fruit items. The following ingredients will need to make spinach juice for weight loss. 

    • Half cup of chopped spinach
    • Peeled fresh ginger (very small piece)
    • A whole green apple (chopped)
    • 1 piece of lemon (fresh condition)

    By following these ingredients, you can prepare the spinach juice for weight loss easily. Now, go through the steps carefully. 

    Wash and cut the ingredients

    • After collecting the fresh ingredients, wash them precisely. There shouldn’t be any bacteria or dirt on the surface of them. 
    • Cut them in the smallest size.

    Put them in a juicer

    • Put all the cut ingredients one by one in a juicer. The spinach should be added at the last serial.
    • Now, add some water. The amount of water may vary depending on your expected thickness.
    • Start the juicer and let it prepare the juice precisely. 

    Use a blender alternatively

    • If you don’t have a juicer, use your blender instead. Put the ingredients like the juicer and activate it. 
    • If you see ane chunk after blending, then blend the ingredients once more for a few seconds. 

    Remove the pulp (for blender users)

    • By using a strainer, remove the pulp and collect the juice in the desired jar. 

    Enjoy the juice

    • If you’re using a juicer, collect the juice in a jar before the final serve. Then, transfer it into a cup or glass and enjoy the juice.
    • The blender users have already collected the juice in a convenient jar. So, they need to transfer the juice into the serving cup and enjoy it in an instant. 

    Frequently ask Question

    Here are some questions related to the preparation of spinach juice with their straightforward answers. 

    Do you juice the stems of spinach?

    Juicing the stems of spinach isn’t prohibited. But, there is a possibility that the stems can be bitter. The old leaves taste bitter most of the time and so, you shouldn’t juice them. Before starting to juice spinach, cut the stems using a sharp knife. 

    How often should I drink spinach juice?

    You can drink 8 ounces (240 mL) of spinach daily to improve your health conditions. Experts put their opinion on taking spinach juice once or twice a week for maximum benefits. However, there is no side effect if you take spinach juice every day. 

    Is it good to drink spinach water?

    Yes, drinking spinach water is one of the wise moves to boost your antioxidant intake. It can decrease your oxidative stress as well as a chronic disease.  Along with its various kinds of minerals, it’s full of vitamins which are good for your health. 

    What should you not put in a juicer?

    Some fruits or vegetables are prohibited to put in your juicer. Perhaps, it can be a threat to the longevity of your juicer. The raw cruciferous vegetables shouldn’t be juiced in a juicer. Besides, avoid a whole apple, coconut, avocado, whole citrus segments, and other critical fruits. 

    Can you put leafy greens in a juicer?

    Putting leafy greens is okay if you move appropriately. All leafy greens with a mild flavor are suitable for juicing in a juicer. Except for the paper-like leaves like carrots or apples, you can put most of the green leaves in a juicer. 


    You already know that spinach juice is good for improving your health. Along with this, it’s good for eliminating your hunger and keeping you away from cravings. So, keeping a clear conception of how to juice spinach juice is mandatory for you.

    To prepare a cup of spinach juice, you need to prepare the juicer first. You can use both frozen and raw spinach for making spinach juice. If you’re making the juice for weight loss, you should follow our special recipes. 

    For your convenience, both 250mL and 500mL juice recipes are depicted here. Though we’ve elaborated on both the blender and the juicer, we recommend using a juicer. We hope you can achieve the “pro” tag in spinach juicing very soon. 

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