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How to juice a pomegranate in a juicer perfectly at home

    How to juice a pomegranate in a juicer

    Juicing pomegranate in a juicer isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The arils, the only juicable part from the pomegranate, can easily be juiced using a juicer. Some people don’t understand how to juice a pomegranate in a juicer precisely.

    Thinking about them, this writing comes with everything about juicing a pomegranate in a juicer. You need to select the fresh and healthy pomegranate first to start the juicing process. Besides, if you want to taste the authentic taste of the juice, you need to peel and cut the seeds perfectly.

    There will be enough pomegranate pulp after completing the juice. You can utilize the leftover pulp in various ways. However, you need to find a suitable juicer to get the best juicing experience. Therefore, you can rely on the product recommendations depicted here. 


    Should you use a juicer or not for juicing pomegranate?

    Using a juicer for juicing pomegranate is the best move. Some people may recommend using a blender machine to prepare the pomegranate juice. Here is the comparison chart between the juicer and the blender machine to clarify your confusion. 

    1. The juicer is widely used for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. 1. The main purpose of using a blender is blending and making coarse.
    2. Juicer can separate any kind of pulp from the fruit or vegetable.2. Blender is unable to separate the pulp from the desired fruit or vegetable. 
    3. The most popular types for the juicer are centrifugal juicer, gear juicer, and hand-chunk juicer. Nowadays, the masticating juicer is also familiar to juice lovers. 3. Blender comes with some limited types. Among these types, the immersion blender and the countertop blender are familiar. 
    4. Any juicer doesn’t come with any quantity limit. The selected container to take the juice is the limitation of the juicer. 4. All blenders are limited with the quantity of the juice. Usually, 4-8 cups of juice can be prepared using a blender machine. 
    5. A juicer follows the working principle of centrifugal force. In this way, unnecessary fibers are left as pulp. 5. A blender runs on the process of emulsification. Therefore, it contains some fibers which slow down the natural process of digestion. 

    How to pick the right pomegranate for juicing with a juicer?

    Picking the right pomegranate for the juicing purpose is mandatory. A rotten or unhealthy pomegranate is dangerous for your health as well as the juicer. Here are some tips to pick the right pomegranate for making the juice. 

    • Find the heaviest pomegranate

    The heaviest pomegranate is capable of serving the most amount of juice when juicing. To find the heaviest one, you just need to compare the pomegranates with your hands and eyes. Going for less weighted pomegranate is a bad move as it contains less juice. 

    • Observe the deep-colored rind

    The pomegranates with the deeper color indicate the ripeness. To get more juice from the pomegranate, you should go for the red-shaped fruit. The glossy rind is also acceptable to prepare the pomegranate juice. 

    • Examine the pomegranate shape

    If the pomegranates are perfectly round-shaped, then avoid those pomegranates. The ripened pomegranates are full of juice and their shape is slightly increased as the sides get flattened. 

    • Detect the sore

    Carefully observe to find the sore on the pomegranate surface. You should start from the soft areas as these areas come with more sore possibilities. Hold the pomegranate and gently squeeze it to detect the sore successfully. 

    • Select the pomegranate with a smooth surface

    The pomegranate can’t be extremely ripe or unripe. To find its actual condition, scratch on its surface using your nails. If the pomegranate is unripe, you can’t create a scratch on its hard surface. Selecting a pomegranate with a smooth surface is mandatory for getting sufficient juice. 

    How to cut pomegranate for juicing? 

    Cutting pomegranate for juicing is all about skills and perfection. Despite being a newbie, you can also perfectly cut pomegranate for juicing. All you need to do is follow the shown steps appropriately. 

    • First, of all, you need to remove the crown of the pomegranate using a knife. Simply put the knife on the crown and press the knife accurately. Make sure that the knife is sharp enough to cut it at one chance. 
    • Now, make the two slices of the pomegranate. You need to separate the two parts into another two parts. Start to move the knife in one fixed direction for the perfect cutting. 
    • It’s time to submerge the four slices inside a bowl with cold water. This action will allow the pomegranate to let the arils out easily. 
    • Now, break apart the sections with your fingers. Gently press on the seeds to peel them off. Stay alert to not squish the seeds. 
    • Last, of all, remove the membrane using a spoon. Ensure to collect the last aril perfectly. Then, let the seeds stay in a strainer to remove the water from them. 

    That’s it. Your pomegranate is successfully cut and ready to be juiced. 

    The right process to juice a pomegranate in a juicer – step by step process

    You can use both a blender and a juicer for preparing pomegranate juice. Here you learn about both processes with complete elaboration. 

    Juicing pomegranate using a blender

    Tools required:

    • High-speed blender machine
    • Double-mesh strainer
    • Tissue paper
    • Knife
    • Bowl
    • Pot to preserve the juice

    Ingredients required:

    • Fresh, big-sized pomegranate (5-6 pieces)
    • Mineral water/ Freshwater

    Working procedure:

    • Apply the knife to the pomegranate to separate the seeds. You should separate the pomegranate skin and crown before applying the knife. 
    • Check the connection of the blender and test its motor performance once. After finding everything okay, keep the seeds inside the blender. 
    • Start juicing pomegranate seeds at medium speed. After 20 seconds, turn the motor of the blender off. You should use tissue paper to wipe the juice if it comes out, unfortunately. 
    • Now, notice the condition of the seeds inside the blender. If they’re perfectly juiced, then you should use a strainer now. Otherwise, repeat the same process once or twice. 
    • It’s time to pour the juice using a strainer. The juice can be collected slowly due to the presence of excessive pulps.

    Your delicious and healthy pomegranate juice is now prepared to drink. 

    Preparing pomegranate juice with a juicer

    Tools required: 

    • Knife
    • Strainer
    • Juicer
    • Juice collecting pot

    Ingredients required: 

    • Fresh pomegranate

    Working procedure:

    • Remove the hard skin of the pomegranate and get all the seeds from it. You need to carefully cut the fruit and collect the seeds to get the highest juice. 
    • After collecting the seeds, put them inside the juicer basket. 
    • Start the juicer by turning it on. The juicing process will be started automatically. You’ll get more juice than a blender when using a juicer. The juicer is capable of collecting the juice even from the pulp of the fruit. 
    • After a few seconds, the pure juice will be filled inside the jar. Then, you can pass the juice through a strainer to get the purest juice ever. 

    That’s all you need to do. After performing these steps successfully, you’re ready to drink the juice. 

    Preparing pomegranate juice manually

    The manual method isn’t recommended because it causes great waste. In this process, you’ll need double or more pomegranate to get the same juice as a juicer. If you’re out of any juicer or blender, then you may think about this process. 

    • Cut the crown of the pomegranate and collect the seeds carefully. You should put a bowl under your hands while separating the seeds. 
    • After separating the seeds, press them extremely to get the juice from them. Collect the juice in your desired pot or jug. It’s recommended to use a pot with a wide mouth to prevent the wastage of the juice.
    • Repeat the same process twice or thrice. When there will be no juice from the seeds, then you should leave the pulp.
    • If you have a strainer with you, you should filter the juice with it. 

    Then, you’re ready to drink the juice. The juice won’t be perfect in this way but must be full of health benefits.

    What to do with the pomegranate pulp after juicing? 

    Pomegranate pulp is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Instead of throwing them out, you can utilize them in the following ways. 

    • You can make the smoothie using pomegranate pulp. It’ll serve you the huge fiber for your health benefits. 
    • To make the fruit pulp ice, pomegranate pulp is one of the best choices. This ice is usable even with the general water. 
    • You can make delicious fruit tea using leftover pomegranate pulp. Boil the fruit pulp with water and then, make the tea according to the general method. 
    • Veggie snacks lovers can use pomegranate pulp with their snacks. Using fruit pulps with a veggie burger is a great idea. 
    • Making crackers from the leftover pulp is also a great initiative. Along with decreasing the health risks, it will ensure a unique taste. 
    • You can use the leftover pomegranate pulp with baking items. The muffins, cookies, cakes, and many more items can be prepared with the fruit pulp. 

    Some additional tips for the beginners 

    Are you a beginner to knows how to juice pomegranate in a precise way? Here you get some additional tips on it for improving your juicing experience. 

    • Never put too many pomegranate arils inside the juicer at once. Better, add some and then more to make the juice appropriately. 
    • While making pomegranate juice, ensure to add all the ingredients properly. The mismatched amount of any ingredient can offer you the worst experience. 
    • It’s not recommended to store pomegranate juice after juicing. Preserving pomegranate juice is okay but its taste will be decreased. Moreover, the food value of the juice will also be postponed for the long preservation.
    • When separating arils from the pomegranate, maintain the highest carefulness. If you’re in a hurry to separate them, you can’t get sufficient juice from one pomegranate. 
    • Choose and cut pomegranate pieces perfectly. An imperfect cut or pick can downgrade your juicing experience. 
    • Try to use the juicer after the proper wash. Similarly, put the juicer in a suitable place after completing the juicing. 

    Frequently Ask Questions for pomegranate juicing

    Have some questions about making the pomegranate juice? Here are some common questions and answers on the aforementioned topic. 

    Can you put pomegranate in a juicer?

    Yes, you can put pomegranate in a juicer after preparing the ingredient perfectly for the juicer. Remove the seeds from the white membrane before starting the juicing. If you’re dealing with a lot of pomegranates, you need to maintain the sequence. 

    Do you have to peel a pomegranate before juicing?

    Peeling a pomegranate before juicing is essential for making the tasty pomegranate juice. You should use a knife to peel a pomegranate without making a single mistake. An imperfect seed peeling may stop the juicer and deprive you of drinking the juice. 

    What’s the best way to juice a pomegranate?

    The best way to juice a pomegranate is to use a juicer. Put all the pomegranate seeds inside the juicer and start juicing them. Turn off the juicer after a certain time and again repeat the process. Using a filter, separate the pulp of the pomegranate. 

    Can I juice pomegranate in a slow juicer?

    You can make the juice of pomegranate using a slow juicer. Add a small portion of the pomegranate seeds at a time. After juicing them, remove the pulp instantly. Then, repeat the process and collect the whole juice in a convenient jug or pot. 

    Can you put pomegranate seeds in a masticating juicer?

    Yes, it’s one of the good ideas in making pomegranate juice to use a masticating juicer. But, there will be a change in the juice taste because the seeds will grind up into the juice. If you have a normal fruit or vegetable juicer, then you shouldn’t use a masticating juicer. 


    Making delicious juice from pomegranate is all about obeying some easy steps. Your confusion on how to juice a pomegranate in a juicer must have disappeared. If you follow one of our depicted methods, you can get a glass of healthy pomegranate juice. 

    Pomegranate juice can be prepared using a blender. But you’ll miss a bunch of advantages unless you go for a juicer. Pomegranate skins are good as fertilizer. Besides, its leftover pulp is a great human food ingredient. 

    Newbies should stay careful while making pomegranate juice. Violating any of the mentioned steps due to unconsciousness will hinder you from getting authentic juice. To get the highest health benefits, cut the seeds and juice them using clean hands.

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