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Top 5 Jamba Juice Recipe You Can Follow – Easy and Simple

    Jamba Juice Recipe

    Jamba Juice is a chain restaurant that is known for its signature delicious smoothies and juices. But it’s expensive compared to homemade drinks. So, why not produce your own Jamba Juice recipe ideas at home with less effort and money. 

    Smoothies are popular drink items among most people, especially Jamba juice. They are delicious and full of powerful nutrients. If you’re acquainted with the Jamba Juice menu, you’ll find a variety of tasty smoothie recipe ideas to attempt on your own.

    With a delicate touch of Jamba Juice flavor in your juicing recipe, you can produce smoothies, generally found in Jamba Juice restaurants. There are several Jamba Juice imitation recipes available on the internet, and they are quite simple to prepare. To prepare one of your favorite Jamba Juice smoothies, all you need are a few basic ingredients and juicing equipment (a juicer or mixer). 

    Is Jamba Juice Recipes Healthy? | Everything You Need to Know

    There are varieties of smoothies on the Jamba Juice menu. But not all of them are nutritious or healthy. That’s why it’s good to know which factors you should consider in your Jamba Juice recipe. Ideally, smoothies made from whole foods, like vegetables, fruits, yogurt, seeds, and nuts, are considered beneficial to health.  

    Moreover, you should pick nutritionally rich items packed with protein and fiber, low in sugar, and don’t feature high-calorie rates. Try your Jamba Juice smoothies without any add-ins, which would be beneficial for your health.

    You can customize some menu items by putting much healthier items, like nut butter or seeds, instead of brown sugar or honey on your smoothie. Jamba Juice delivers lots of fruit smoothies. We know fruits are healthy, they are a concentrated source of calories and natural sugar.

    As you are making your own version of the Jamba Juice recipe, you can always add fresh vegetables and skip adding juice blends to your recipe, as it can increase the rate of calories and sugar in your smoothie.

    Now, here are some healthy juice and smoothies from Jamba’s menu that you can follow while making your own version of them.

    Menu Items Ingredients
    Green n’ GingerKale, lemonade, ginger, peaches, and, mangoes
    PB +  Banana ProteinMilk (fat reduced), bananas, pea protein, peanut butter, and honey
    Great GreensLemon (freshly juiced), cucumber, fresh spinach, and apples
    Veggie VitalityApple (freshly juiced), carrot (freshly juiced), and fresh spinach
    Smooth Talkin’ MangoMangoes, oat milk, pineapples, and organic agave
    Protein Berry WorkoutStrawberries, soy milk, bananas, and whey protein 

    Courtesy: Healthline

    Jamba Juice smoothie making tips 

    • You can make a more healthier version of Jamba Juice smoothies by replacing high-calorie frozen yogurt with low-calorie non-fat Greek yogurt.
    • To achieve perfect blending results, try to place the most liquid and softest ingredients at the bottom of your blender and frozen, hard ingredients at the top. 
    • Always look for ingredients that would increase the nutrition values of your Jamba Juice recipe. For example, add some spinach or kale while juicing. These green veggies don’t make any major impact on the taste but add extra health benefits to your drink.
    • Don’t limit your recipe ingredients according to Jamba’s juice items. Always play with the ingredients and customize your Jamba smoothies or juices to achieve new flavors. 

    Best Jamba Juice recipes you can try at home

    1. Peach Smoothie 

    Inspired by Jamba Juice’s Peach Pleasure Smoothie, it’s a refreshing, creamy, and nutritious packed drink. You will find this smoothie as your quick chilled breakfast because of its frozen units. This beverage is quite delicious and features a handful of nutritious values, like Vitamin A, C, with sufficient fiber contents.  

    Fresh peach or apricot nectar1/2 cup
    Sliced frozen peaches1/2 cup
    Fat-free vanilla yogurt1/4
    Ice cubes2


    • Wash and slice your peaches.
    • Blend all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth.
    • Pour the fresh juice into a glass and serve with two ice cubes. 
    1. Ginger-kale smoothies 

    It is a healthy combination of ginger and kale. It’s a green smoothie that includes a handful of antioxidants and powerful nutrients. Try this recipe for breakfast and stay healthy for the rest of your day. This smoothie is inspired by Jamba Juices’s Greens ‘n Ginger recipe. Making procedure is very simple. You will have a peppery sweet with a strong spicy flavor by blending the taste of both ginger and kale.  

    Orange juice1 – ¼ cups
    Lemon juice1 teaspoon
    Fresh kale (torn)2 cups
    Medium Apple (peeled and coarsely chopped)1
    Fresh ginger root (minced)1 tablespoon
    Ground cinnamon1/8 teaspoon
    Ground turmeric or fresh turmeric (peeled and finely chopped)⅛ teaspoon or ¼-inch piece 
    Dash cayenne pepper
    Ice cubes4


    • Place all your processed (cut, peeled) ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
    • Serve immediately with ice cubes and enjoy.
    1. Creamy Berry Smoothies 

    This recipe is inspired by the Pomegranate Antioxidant Smoothie from the menu of Jamba Juice. It’s the perfect blend of berries and pomegranate. This smoothie is a refreshing delight with lots of health benefits. A single serving of creamy berry smoothie provides zero cholesterol and zero saturated fat. So, this beverage is one of the best options for

    maintaining your healthy diet. 

    Ingredients Quantity
    Pomegranate juice½ cup
    Agave syrup or honey1 tablespoon
    Silken firm tofu3 ounces 
    Frozen berries (unsweetened and mixed)1 cup
    Frozen strawberries (unsweetened)1 cup


    • Place all your ingredients in a blending machine and blend until smooth.
    • Serve immediately with ice cubes and enjoy your fresh creamy berry smoothie.
    1. Mango Smoothies

    This smoothie serves the delicious flavor of blended mango, pineapple, banana, and honey, all in one glass. It’s naturally sweet and delivers a handful of powerful antioxidants. “Mango-A-Go-Go Smoothie” from Jamba Juice inspired this recipe. 

    You will also get a creamy texture as the recipe includes yogurt as an ingredient. However, you don’t have to worry about fat, because it delivers only 2 grams of it. This recipe is packed with deliciousness and can be enjoyed any time of the day. 

    Pineapple juice (unsweetened)1/2 cup
    Frozen mangoes (Peeled and chopped)2 cups
    Medium ripe banana1/2
    Plain yogurt (fat-reduced)1/2 cup
    Honey1 tablespoon


    • Combine all the processed ingredients in a blender and blend until you get a smooth texture.
    • Serve immediately in glass and put some ice cubes on your smoothie to achieve a chill flavor.
    1. Strawberry-Carrot Smoothies

    You probably don’t like veggies in your smoothies. In that case, try this Strawberry-carrot smoothie recipe, which is not only nutritionally rich but also full of deliciousness. 

    Inspired by Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie from Jamba Juice, this beverage contains the goodness of orange, carrot, and pineapple within a single serving. 

    Daily consumption of this smoothie may boost your immune system and can provide a handful of water, fiber, and vitamins. Making this smoothie is the easiest way to get all those nutrients in a single go. 

    Fresh carrot juice 1 cup
    Fresh orange juice1 cup
    Frozen pineapple chunks1 cup
    Frozen sliced strawberries (unsweetened)1 cup
    Plain Greek yogurt (fat-reduced)2 cups


    • Insert all your ingredients in a blender machine and blend until you get a smooth mixture.
    • Serve with ice cubes and enjoy this fresh delicious Strawberry-carrot smoothie.


    What ingredients does Jamba Juice use in their smoothies?

    Jamba Juice is one of the leading smoothie businesses in the United States, with 150 stores in 24 states. They include various ingredients to make their smoothies one of the best in the market. The ingredients vary from item to item from their menu. 

    For example, in Banana Berry (a smoothie item from the Jamba Juice menu), they use apple juice, kern’s strawberry nectar, frozen blueberries, sliced banana, scoop raspberry sherbet, scoop vanilla nonfat frozen yogurt, and ice. 

    The fact is, to produce a smoothie, you need two basic things, a liquid item and a base. Jamba Juice includes different types of fruits, vegetables, and frozen ingredients as a base. They generally use juice blends, sherbet, and other dairy products like yogurt, milk, and cream as liquid items. 

    What is the healthiest drink at Jamba Juice?

    Jamba Juice delivers some of the healthiest smoothies that are full of nutrients and powerful antioxidants. But fruit drinks like smoothies generally remain high in sugar. Therefore you will get comparatively high calories from your smoothie. Despite this, Jamba Juice includes some healthy smoothie options from their menu.

    You can try –  

    1. Greens N’ Ginger Smoothie

    This Jamba Juice smoothie contains kale and ginger, so you will get less sugar with more health benefits. There’s a study that shows ginger helps to improve your cognitive function and attention. Leafy greens used in this smoothie also provide powerful nutrients like calcium and omega-3. 

    * RDA = recommended dietary allowance

    Nutrients RDA value 
    Vitamin A150%
    Vitamin C160%
    Vitamin K520%
    Nutrients Amount
    Fat1 gram
    Sugar48 grams
    Protein4 grams
    1. Golden Tumeric Spice Smoothie

    This smoothie is made from oat milk, turmeric spice blend, bananas, mangos, and agave. Because of turmeric, you will get powerful antioxidants. Also, mangos provide a good amount of Vitamin A and C. These nutrients are beneficial to your eye health.

    Nutrients RDA value
    Calories 280%
    Vitamin A120%
    Vitamin C45%
    Sugar33 grams
    Protein5 grams
    Fat6 grams
    1. Orange and Carrot Twist Juice

    Jamba Juice created this smoothie from a combination of fresh carrot and orange juices. Carrots and oranges are good sources of minerals and fibers. These nutrients reduce the risk of age-related sight loss. Also, this smoothie features less sugar compared to other drinking items from Jamba Juice. 

    Nutrients RDA value
    Calories 210
    Vitamin A800%
    Vitamin C230%
    Vitamin K40%
    Nutrients Amount
    Potassium1250 mg
    Fiber7 grams
    Protein4 grams
    sugar32 grams
    1. ACAI Super-Antioxidant Smoothie

    With the combination of soy milk, acai fruit juice, strawberries, blueberries, raspberry sherbet, and daily Vitamin + zinc boost, you get the perfect antioxidant-rich smoothie to start the day off. 

    This smoothie provides natural sugar, protein, and a handful of Vitamins. 

    Nutrients RDA value
    Vitamin A, C, E, K, B6, B12100%
    Nutrients Amount
    Sugar54 grams
    Protein 6 grams

    Is Jamba Juice bad for you? / Should you follow their recipes to make smoothies?

    Despite added nutrients and antioxidants from Jamba Juice smoothies, it’s not the ultimate healthy food. Blended fruit drinks are sugar delivery systems. Many Jamba Juice recipes contain less fiber and high sugar content. Drinking calorie-containing beverages may increase the chances of chronic disease. So, it’s better to consume a whole fruit rather than its juice.

    Jamba Juice may include added protein powder, but these powders only contain isolated amino acids, which is not a satisfying source of protein. Moreover, you will not get the necessary fiber and fat to fill you up from these smoothies.  

    Sometimes they add extra sugar and dairy products to enhance the taste of their smoothies. It may increase the rate of calories. To conclude this question, fruit-based juices or fruit smoothies from Jamba Juice aren’t necessarily terrible for your health, but they are not the ultimate healthy options either. You can follow their recipes and make your version of smoothies by adding more nutritious foods and lowering sugar levels. 


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