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How to Use a Steam Juicer – Everything You Need To Know

    How to Use a Steam Juicer

    A steam juicer is a traditional tool that works great when it comes to extracting juice from vegetables and fruits. This low-tech extractor doesn’t need any electricity to operate, and most of them are made from stainless steel or aluminum materials. Also, the juicer includes a pot where you can put fruits or vegetables.

    There is a stockpot at the juicer’s bottom, from where the juice comes out through a tube. Unlike other mechanical juicers, this tool is cost-effective since it doesn’t consume electricity to work. All you need to do is place it on your stove, and it will start making juice. Using this juicer gives you dozens of benefits like fast operations, larger quantities of fluid at a time, simple clean up, and so forth.

    Guide to Using a Steam Juicer

    Steam juicers are not suitable for people who want to drink fresh juice. This juicer is mainly suitable for smashing large or small crops that can be used with fresh juice, jam, alcoholic beverage, or hard liquor.

    A steam juicer consists of three different nesting pots. The upper pot holds all the fruits or vegetables that you placed while the base pot holds water. When you put water at the lower put and place the juicer on the stove, it starts to create steam from the water. In the middle pot, the processed juice will be preserved, and the pipe or hose inside will help to release the juice outside when you place a pot or jar.

    Here is a quick tip for you. To know whether you have stored enough water, you can place some marbles in the tank. If the water is not sufficient, the marbles will bounce back. In that case, you will have to add more water to the base pot. You should know that a lack of sufficient water might cause damage to the tank if you are using it for a long time.

    The best thing about a steam juicer is that it’s a hassle-free job since you don’t need to separate seeds or stems. Most of the time, it takes 20-30 minutes to make juice from the items you placed on the tip jar. However, it solely depends on the amount of fluid contained by the food items. The more the fluid, the more time it will take to turn into a juice.

    Here we are giving a short instruction to help you on how to use a steam juicer correctly

    • Before placing all the fruits or food vegetables at the top container, make sure to wash them properly, especially if you took the fresh ones from your garden. Cut the large fruits into small pieces for fast juicing.
    • Put off any harmful ingredients from the fruits like seeds, pits, and stems.
    • Prepare everything properly and wash the three juicer pots in case you used them earlier. Clearing the hose or pipe will ensure a continuous flow of juice without any disruption.
    • It is better to place a pot or container on the table to store the juice from the juicer via the hose.
    • Now, add enough water at the lower base.
    • Next, include the middle pot and upper pot on the base pot. Moreover, make sure that the hose is connected to a handle.
    • Keep the fresh fruits in the upper pot.
    • Then switch on the stove and increase the gas to boil the water sufficiently.
    • Within a few minutes, you will notice the juice flowing in the tube and getting out in the container you placed. Make sure not to increase the stove pressure too much. Otherwise, it will damage the quality of the juice and overflow through the steam hole.
    • Beware of placing the tube at a lower place compared to the juicer. It will ensure a continuous flow of juice. When your container becomes full, lock the metal clamp and raise the tube above the juicer pot. It will stop the pipe from directing the juice flow.
    • Once the container is full, close it instantly.
    • If you want to fill another container, you should continue the process and add more fruits to the top pot.
    • As the juice is processed on the stove, you need to give it a rest once in a while so that it can cool down. You can serve the liquid once it’s cool. Then, add sugar and water based on your preference.

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