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Vitamix vs Breville Juicer: Delicious Smoothies or Pure Juice?

    Vitamix VS Breville Juicer

    Vitamix and Breville might make different products but deep down, they all work in the same process; centrifugal force. After all, if you want your juice delivered quickly, cold-press juicing techniques aren’t going to do the trick.  When it comes to Vitamix vs. Breville Juicer, the major difference is in the juice quality. One has fibrous materials while the other doesn’t. 

    There are a few differences that make the overall user experience, like chalk and cheese. 

    That’s why I’ll start by giving you an idea of how each of the products works, and then I’m going to show you which one you should go for. 

    So, get ready to witness an epic battle between top leaders of the blending and juicing world- 



    Vitamix Blenders: How Good Are They? 

    Vitamix has been on top of the blending industry for a long time. Their robust and dynamic blenders have managed a sweet spot in people’s hearts. If you know a thing or two about high-end blenders, you how they are at preparing super creamy smoothies in no time. 

    As blenders and juicers are quite different, I won’t be jumping to the conclusion right away. First, let’s educate you a little about what you’ll be getting in a Vitamix blender- 

    Factors Vitamix Explorian Blender Vitamix 5200 Blender Vitamix 750 Blender
    Material  Tritan Copolyester container with 3-in laser-cut, stainless-steel blades  Tritan Copolyester container with 3-in laser-cut, stainless-steel blades  Tritan Copolyester container with 3-in laser-cut, stainless-steel blades 
    Dimensions  11” x 8” x 18” 20.5” x 8.75” x 7.25”  8.5” x 8.5” x 17.25”
    HP  2.2 peak 2.2 peak 2.2 peak 
    Wattage  1380 Watts 1380 Watts 1380 Watts 
    Warranty  7-year 7-year 7-year
    Weight  10.5 lbs. 10 lbs.  8.34 lbs.


    Build Quality: Made with Top-notch Materials

    Vitamix Explorian Professional Grade Low Profile Container


    When you’re buying a blender from Vitamix, you can rest assured that it’s going to be a heavy-duty well-made machine. Vitamix makes blenders for all customer segments, but it ensures premium-grade quality in all its models. 

    Even if it’s on the highest speed setting, it won’t go across the counter because of the optimal weight distribution and steady motor. And to solve the overheating problem, they added thermal protection along with the radial cooling fan. On the outer side, their containers are made out of sturdy Eastman Tritan Copolyester. 

    While you get premium containers with every Vitamix blender, there’s a significant difference in the control panel of high-end models. Affordable blenders (not that affordable, though) like the Vitamix Explorian Blender come with minimalist control panels instead of flashy digital ones. 


    Performance: Prepares Creamy Smoothies in Seconds 

    Vitamix blenders are absolute champs when it’s a matter of performance. From mayonnaise to kale smoothies, you’ll be surprised how good it is at maintaining consistency. 

    Most blenders can’t pulverize ice cubes that well. But the aircraft-grade stainless steel blades will deliver snow-like ice every single time. 

    The controls and design might look like they came out of the ’90s, but this blender is undoubtedly a beast in terms of performance. From delicious smoothies to hot tomato soup, you can expect it to blend anything

    When it comes to the performance of Vitamix blenders, it’s always a matter of you get what you pay for. So, expect a performance drop when you settle for lower-end models. But even then, the overall performance is much better than other competitors. 


    Cleaning: Almost Like a Breeze 

    Blenders will stay one step ahead in cleaning time. And Vitamix blenders make this process even easier with the self-cleaning process. All you’ve got to do is add in a drop of dishwashing liquid along with warm water. Now blend it for 30 to 60 seconds, and it’ll be squeaky clean. 

    But sometimes, food gets stuck on the fixed metal blades. As you can’t disassemble the blades without bringing in the tools, there’s little chance of cleaning them every day. 

    This isn’t that much of a concern as the cleaning process scoops out all the food residue. But it’s always better to clean with a brush every once in a while. 

    Other than that, you need to manually clean the lid, spout, and the upper part of the container. You’ll always have the option of washing it in the dishwasher, but you’ll need one gigantic dishwasher to fit the huge container jar.   


    Price: Quality Comes at a Price 

    Vitamix Blender Professional Grade Container Black


    Despite having a lower price than other high-end models, the Vitamix Explorian Blender is still rather expensive. And models like the Vitamix 5200 will cost you, even more, a lot more than your average Breville juicer. 

    But there’s one thing you should know about these blenders. 

    Have you ever had that feeling where you felt instant regret about not doing something sooner? Well, that’s the feeling you get when you buy yourself one of these beasts. 

    Sure, these blenders might leave a small-sized hole in your pocket. But the state of the art performance and long-term durability will heal that wound in a second


    Noise Level: Ear-splittingly Loud 

    Vitamix 750 Blender Professional Grade Low Profile


    You won’t find a quiet Vitamix blender, at least not in this era. The loudest Vitamix model can reach as high as 90 dB, while the quietest one stays around 80 dB

    The reason behind the lower noise is true metal finishes and a glass touchscreen. As they squeeze these features into lower models like the Vitamix E320, they generate a tremendous amount of noise. 

    And the sound level of blenders is a confusing topic. Even though the difference might be only 10 dB, your ears will tell you it’s twice as loud. 


    Breville Juicers: What Do They Offer?

    If anyone asks me who makes the best centrifugal juicers in the market. 9 out of 10 times, it’s going to be something from Breville. 

    The superior build quality and top-notch performance of the heavy-duty motor of these juicers have made them the go-to gadget for a quick glass of juice.  

    Factors Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Breville BJE830BSS Juice Fountain Cold
    Material  Heavy-grade polymer body with stainless steel blades  Stainless steel body with titanium-reinforced blades  Stainless steel body with titanium-reinforced blades 
    Dimensions  12.6″ x 14.1″ x 16.4″ 12″ x 13.1″ x 10.6″ 7.9″ x 15.7″ x 19.7″
    Speed  6,500 RPM or 12,000 RPM  6,500 RPM or 13,000 RPM  6,500 RPM or 13,000 RPM 
    Wattage  850-watt  1000-watt    1200-watt
    Chute Feed  3-inch 3-inch 3.5-inch
    Warranty  1-year 1-year 1-year
    Weight  9.9 pounds 14.4 pounds 14.3 pounds

    Build Quality: Best Build Among Centrifugal Juicers 

    Breville JE98XL Fountain 850 Watt Extractor


    Breville juicers are made using premium-grade material that’s sure to serve for years to come. Other than the Breville JE98XL, most high-end models are made from durable brushed stainless steel. 

    Although there’s no discrimination in the blade material, made from reinforced titanium, the discs can slice up anything you put in the container. 

    But the noticeable part was how they listened to their customers’ opinions and opted for extra-wide chute feeds. While the average chute feed size is 3”, the Breville BJE830BSS takes it up a notch with a 3.5” chute feed

    Even though it’s nothing related to the build quality, still, it’s good to know it won’t eat up any extra prep time. 


    Performance: Powerful Enough for a Crowd 

    With an average of 800-1300W, Breville juicers are never shorthanded when it’s a matter of power. While it’s not nearly as powerful as Vitamix blenders, it’s enough to prepare your everyday juice. 

    And power isn’t the most concerning factor for juicers as juice quality is usually the utmost priority. Nevertheless, you can stay worry-free knowing that the titanium-reinforced blades will crush anything from soft oranges to hard pineapples even when the skin is on.

    But if you compare it with Vitamix blenders, it does take an awful lot of time to get a cup of juice. And it goes without saying you can’t expect it to put together snow-like ice for you.  


    Cleaning: Not as Easy as Vitamix Blenders 

    Don’t get misled by the title. It’s not as easy as cleaning blenders, but that’s applicable for every juicer out there. Juicers come with a lot of complicated parts, requiring more time in the cleaning process. 

    Despite the higher number of parts, most of them are dishwasher-safe(only the top rack). Nevertheless, it would be best to put in some hand-action to clean the pulp container and micro-mesh filter

    Although you could save yourself a lot of time and effort by grabbing a couple of disposable bags to place in the pulp container, that way, you can toss out the bag without a worry in the world. 


    Price: Worth the Money 

    Breville BJE830BSS1BUS1 Founatin Stainless Centrifugal


    Some might say Breville centrifugal juicers are rather overpriced. But these juicers provide maximum value with their top-tier build quality and performance. 

    But when you put these in a sheet, Breville juicers are somewhat cheaper than Vitamix blenders. The Breville BJE830BSS is Breville’s one of the most expensive juicers. Still, it’s much more affordable than the Vitamix 5200 or the Vitamix 750. 

    Although it’s not really the perfect comparison as they serve different purposes. But in terms of value for money, I’d say Breville will take the winning trophy. 


    Vitamix vs. Breville Juicer: Which One’s the Winner? 

    If you’ve stuck around till now, you know Vitamix and Breville both make different kinds of products. While Vitamix focuses on making super-powerful blenders, Breville sticks to centrifugal juicers. 

    That’s why I’ll leave the choice up to you instead of announcing a winner. I’ve already shown you what you’re getting from each brand. Now, let’s wrap it up with a good old chart and a pros & cons list- 

    Factors  Vitamix Blenders  Breville Juicers 
    Operation Time  4.8-star  4.5-star 
    Cleaning Time  4.7-star 4-star
    Juice Quality  4-star 4.8-star
    Noise Level  3-star 4.1-star
    Degradation Time  3.5-star 3.9-star 
    Price  4.5-star 4.7-star 

    Vitamix Blender

    Why You Should Get Vitamix Blenders 

    • You want quick smoothies with all the fibrous materials
    • You don’t mind loud blending noise if you get your smoothies quickly
    • Blenders are great for fasting as the fibers keep you full for longer
    • You can use it to make whole juices, soups, salsas, and of course, smoothies  
    • The automatic cleaning process will save you some time along the way 
    • You get a chance to introduce new foods to your diet 
    • You don’t need to spend time preparing the ingredients 

    Why You Shouldn’t Get Vitamix Blenders

    • They cost a lot more than Breville juicers 
    • They’re ear-splittingly loud 
    • Fibrous materials don’t have any significant nutrients 
    • The higher the RPM, the more nutrients you’ll lose because of heat build-up and oxidation 

    Breville Juicers  

    Why You Should Get Breville Juicers 

    • You get pure juice full of nutrients 
    • There’s little to no fiber or pulp, meaning you digest it faster
    • It makes noise but not as much as the Vitamix blenders
    • They’re much more affordable 
    • You can consume more fruits and veggies per drink than with a blender 

    Why You Shouldn’t Get Breville Juicers 

    • Centrifugal juicers aren’t good with fruits like bananas and avocados 
    • The lengthy cleaning process can feel like a pain sometimes 
    • They require more prep time 


    The Final Verdict

    So, that’s all there is to Vitamix blender vs. Breville Juicer. Nevertheless, here’s a summary for you- 

    Both products use centrifugal force to make smoothies and juice. The only difference is Vitamix blenders keep the fibrous materials that keep you full for longer and not to mention the extra antioxidants you’re getting. 

    On the other hand, Breville juicers separate all the fibers or pulp, giving you a clean cup of juice. They’re a bit cheaper, but they do require more prep time.

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