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How To Clean Omega Juicer- Everything You Need To Know

    How To Clean Omega Juicer

    An omega juicer requires routine cleaning for better performance and longevity. Cleaning an Omega juicer isn’t simple enough because your inappropriate movement can damage its parts. Therefore, you should keep a clear concept on how to clean the omega juicer perfectly. 

    There are some removable parts of the juicer that should be disassembled first. Then, you need to carefully dispose of the leftovers from your omega juicer. If you don’t clean your omega juicer regularly, some of its parts may not work properly.

    Besides, there are some health concerns if you don’t clean it from time to time. You can’t get the authentic taste of the juice unless your omega juicer is tidy. However, you’ll need some necessary tools when cleaning the omega juicer.


    When should you clean your omega juicer?

    There are two types of cleaning applicable to your omega juicer. They are deep cleaning and regular cleaning. Deep cleaning requires more time and effort than regular cleaning. However, there are some factors that can indicate you need to clean your omega juicer.

    After regular juice making

    Regular juice making decreases the capability of the juicer’s blade over time. If the blade isn’t cleaned properly, it will be attacked by rust. Despite its stainless steel build, the grimy blade can be attacked by rust. As a result, your future juicing experience will be undesired as well as unhealthy. 

    Newly bought omega juicer

    A newly bought omega juicer comes being cleaned from the manufacturer. But, it’s a safe move to clean the juicer before the first use. This action will remove the petty bacterias from your omega juicer. However, a regular water rinse is enough to dispose of the tiny debris from the juicer. 

    Omega juicer stored for a long time

    You may have stored your omega juicer for a long time and haven’t used it. In that case, you should clean it before using it. The debris along with the harmful bacterias can affect your juice. Hence, any kind of serious or minor health issue may arise. 

    After changing any part

    Though the omega juicer comes with up to 5 years warranty, any part of it may get damaged. Then, it’s mandatory to change the faulty part. It’s an inappropriate move to start juicing without cleaning the new part. The new part may come from a dirty place and that can affect the juicing process. 

    How often should you clean the omega juicer? 

    You should clean the omega juicer after every juicing session. Cleaning the juicer screen is mandatory as well as the other washable parts. Rinsing the juicer with water is enough after regular use. But, you need to clean the juicer’s essential parts monthly or weekly. When cleaning your juicer deeply, you’ll require some tools as well as extra time. Regular cleaning with water takes around 2-3 minutes. Putting the washable parts in the dishwasher following a routine can extend the lifespan of the juicer parts. 

    The instruction how to clean omega juicer

    In this part, you’ll get an overview of the deep cleaning process of omega juicers. Along with knowing the omega juicer auger cleaning process, you’ll know about the screen cleaning method. 

    Tools you require

    • Dish scrubber with its longhand
    • Nylon brush (make sure it’s narrow enough)
    • Baking soda (sufficient amount)
    • Dish soap
    • Clean pieces of cloth
    • Mini brush/ toothbrush
    • Water for rinsing (better you get mineral water)

    Cleaning omega juicer auger 

    Here you get a complete idea on cleaning omega juicer augers. 

    Step:1- Making the mixture

    The first task is to create a mixture of water and vinegar. To make the mixture, use one part of water and another part of the vinegar. Let the vinegar mix with the liquid precisely. Never let the omega juicer part soak into the water before dissolving the vinegar. 

    Step:2- Soaking the desired part

    When the mixture is ready, soak carefully the omega juicer auger. Soak it for at least one hour into the mixture for better cleaning. You can use bleach and water in a 2:1 ratio in case there is the presence of mineral deposits. 

    Step:3- Applying brush

    It’s time to scrub the surface with a brush when the soaking part is completed. Apply clean water of normal temperature to better clean. To get a more precise result, you can apply mineral water. Carefully remove the dust and move to the next step. 

    Step:4- Wiping and drying

    If you get access, clean the washed part with a piece of cloth. This action will extend the lifespan of the juicer’s part if you rarely have any part without stainless steel. After wiping the part, apply some sunlight for quick drying. You can also use the airflow but it’ll cost a lot of time. 

    How to clean omega juicer screen

    Cleaning an omega juicer screen is all about performing the following easy steps. 

    Step:1- Make the mixture

    Make the necessary mixture with water, vinegar, and citric acid. Using citro clean is also acceptable with sufficient water. You need to make the cleaner and water in a 1:3 ratio. 

    Step:2- Soak the omega juicer screen

    Now, you need to soak the omega juicer screen carefully. The clogged juicing screen will be fixed after soaking. Then, the residual wastes will be removed through the next step. 

    Step:3- Scrub it carefully

    Using a soft brush, scrub the omega juicer screen. In this way, you can remove residual juice particles. 

    Step:4- Final rinse

    The final rinse should be started with the water below 50-degree centigrade temperature. Apply the water as much as needed. It’s better if you can apply some extra pressure in the corners of the omega juicer. 

    Weekly deep cleaning for omega juicer

    Deep cleaning of the omega juicer ensures that you can use it in the long run. You need to follow just three steps to thoroughly clean the omega juicer. 

    Step:1- Follow the preliminary precautions

    Safety should be maintained first before starting the deep cleaning. Unplug the omega juicer from the power source. Besides, ensure that all the parts are working properly. 

    Step:2- Disassemble the parts

    To disassemble the omega juicer parts, you need to follow the manual carefully. When disassembling cutter blades, stay attentive unless you want to be injured in the fingers. Before disassembling the strainer basket, carefully move it. Otherwise, the surface will be dusted. The cover, bowl, and latch arms are easy to detach. You need to carefully detach the motor base housing as the last part of disassembling. 

    Step:3- Start the deep cleaning process

    To clean your omega juicer deeply, we’ve divided the whole work into some little steps. Here are the following steps to perform the deep clean process with your omega juicer. 

    • Clean the removable debris from all the parts of your juicer using your hands. 
    • The second move is to line the pulp collector with a garbage bag. Let all the garbage pass through the bag. You can store the bag for future fertilizer purposes. 
    • Read the manual carefully and detect all the washable components. Perhaps, except for the motor base, you can wash all the parts of your juicer. 
    • Soak the parts in the dishwasher at the ambient temperature of the water. Rinse the blade, cover, and other parts with warm water up to 50-degree celsius. 
    • Now, deal with the filter to dispose of the clogged debris from it. Apply the brush to clean the filter precisely. Then, rinse it in water and dry it.
    • If there is any metal part, soak them just for a while. Soaking them for a long time threatens its longevity. 
    • If any component of the omega juicer comes with stains, you need to apply some ingredients. Applying baking soda with sufficient water is the best move. 
    • After cleaning all the parts, you should wipe them with a dry cloth.
    • Last, of all, let the components of the omega juicer dry in a warm place for at least one day. After that, you can store it at a convenient place. 

    How to clean omega juicer parts

    Omega juicer parts are removable and most of them can be washed. Now, you’ll get an overview of how to clean omega juicer parts. Remember, you need to disassemble your omega juicer first by following the user manual. 

    Cutter blade

    • Wash the cutter blade with a brush. Scrub it slowly with a soft brush. 
    • There will be a lot of sugar, juice residue, and other contaminating things. Rinsing it in the running water can only make it clean like the new one. 

    Strainer basket

    • Strainer debris is full of pulp debris. You need to open it for entering a brush inside it. 
    • Simply move the brush to make the debris out. If you’re already using filter technology, you need to clean it regularly. 
    • However, the last move is to rinse the strainer basket in the water. 

    Motor base housing

    • Carefully observe the motor base housing. If there is any juice remaining, try to remove it with a wet brush. 

    Note: Never think about immersing the motor base housing as it’ll damage the motor for sure. 


    • It’s all about applying some water. 
    • If you want a deep clean, you can use soda and the water mixture. Instead of applying the mixture, you need to soak the cover inside the solution. 


    • Apply some fresh water and clean it properly.
    • If any part of the bowl isn’t getting cleaned by rinsing, use a brush. Scrub the place with a brush and the result will be positive. 

    Latch’s arms

    • You can clean it with a clean cloth just by wiping it.
    • If applying water is required, hold the latch arms horizontally and apply water thoroughly. 

    Cleaning tough residue

    Mineral deposits and hard water deposits are considered tough residues. Here you’ll get an overview on how to clean tough residue from omega juicer. 

    • Take a pot to make the solution of water and vinegar. The ratio of water and vinegar should be 1:1. 
    • Add the juice of one lemon to the mixture. 
    • Then, soak the desired part of the juicer in the solution. At least, it’ll be soaked for one hour. For better results, you can extend the duration to one day. 

    Can you clean even without the Crescent Tool?

    Yes, you can clean the omega juicer filter part without using the crescent tool. Here is the method of cleaning your juicer without a crescent tool.

    • Using kitchen shear can be helpful to detach the screen of your omega juicer.
    • Put two blades in the two holes of the filter. You can easily remove the filter by applying some pressure. 
    • Grab the edge of the filter before twisting it.

    Some additional tips to clean omega juicer better

    Here are some tips to make your cleaning experience better. 

    • Applying baking soda to your omega juicer helps to remove stains from it. A solution of 16 Oz of lukewarm water with 4 tablespoons of soda should be created. Then, the stained parts (except the motor base) should be soaked for a night. The stains will be removed easily.
    • The presence of mineral deposits is removable just by using water and vinegar. If you need a quick response, you should use lemon juice with the mixture. Soak the desired part overnight and see the magic the next morning.
    • After soaking the juicer in vinegar overnight, you can apply olive oil. Take the oil in a cloth and wipe the desired parts of the omega juicer. The stains will be removed immediately and the glossy outlook will be revealed. 
    • You can use liquid detergents to clean the omega juicer parts. It’s a costly move by the way. Make a 1:1 ratio of the mixture in 0.5 gallons of water. Then, apply the solution to the desired parts and scrub it slowly. You can also soak the parts for a few hours.
    • By applying white vinegar, you can get out of stains just in a few minutes. Fill the sink with 5-liter water. Create the solution of water and white vinegar in a 10:1 ratio. After that, add 100 gm soda to the solution and stir it. In this solution, soak the washable parts of the omega juicer. Bring them out after around 30 minutes and find zero stains on the parts. 

    How to keep your omega juicer clean? 

    If you obey some careful steps, you can keep the parts of the omega juicer clean enough. Here are some tips to keep your omega juicer clean. 

    • Before starting the juicing process, ensure that the juicer is accurately assembled. The loose assembly will make the juice out and increase your trouble. 
    • Never put anything forcefully in the juicer. It will disallow the outcoming fruits or vegetables to be juiced. And then, you’ll have to suffer a lot to clean it. 
    • The juicing items may contain fibers. Hence, you need to avoid filters unless you want to deep clean it recently. 
    • After every use, disassemble all the parts successively. Then, apply the rinse of water and the brush if needed. By investing 2-3 minutes, you can keep the omega juicer neat and clean. 
    • When selecting fruits or vegetables for the juicer, ensure that it’s fresh enough. A rotten fruit or vegetable will create a bad smell to the omega juicer. You’ll need to go through the deep clean as well as invest more time.


    Haven’t you found all the answers about omega juicer cleaning? This section can help you with some common questions as well as their answers. 

    Are omega juicers easy to clean?

    In comparison to other juicers, omega juicers are super easy to clean. Most of their necessary parts are disposable and washable. You can even soak their metal parts as they come with a stainless steel build. If you apply a brush to it, its outer parts don’t fill with any scratch. 

    How do you remove mineral deposits from a juicer?

    You can remove mineral deposits from a juicer by applying vinegar and water. Make the mixture of water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Soak the desired juicer part with mineral deposits in this solution for around an hour. After the interval, the mineral deposits will vanish.

    Do you have to clean the juicer after every use?

    It’s a general juicing manner to clean the juicer after every use. Unless you clean the juicer regularly, it’ll affect the taste of your future juicing. Moreover, the stuck particles of the juice will hinder the parts to perform accurately. Therefore, it’s a must to clean the juicer with the water rinse after every use. 


    Cleaning an Omega juicer is a giant task if you don’t make the appropriate planning. Your first responsibility is to get introduced to their parts and the detaching process. Hence, you can understand how to clean the omega juicer perfectly. 

    If you want to receive the best taste of the juice hygienically, you should clean the juicer regularly. Cleaning the juicer just with water makes it prepared for better performance. After long storage, a new purchase, or long use, you should go through the deep clean.

    While performing a deep clean, be assured that you’re maintaining the safety concerns. You should follow our tricks word for word for removing stains. There is no alternative to cleaning the omega juicer if you’re expecting a long lifespan, good performance from it. 

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