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Top 5 Juice Recipe With Mango | Easy and Simple

    Juice Recipe With Mango

    As for health benefits, you will get essential micronutrients from which you can increase energy, boost your immune system, and lose weight. There are many recipe ideas for producing a delicious and nutritious mango juice that fulfills all your needs as a beverage. 

    However, you can choose your play with the ingredients and make your own version of mango juice without investing much effort. 

    Mango has its own unique flavor which, is super delicious, and you don’t have to exaggerate the taste with heavy ingredients and processing. Also, mango delivers a natural sweetness so, you may add a little to no sugar while making the juice.

    Potential health benefits of mango juice

    Following juice recipes with mango is a good choice for your daily healthy diet. Mango juice is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and some powerful micronutrients, extremely effective for fat loss cures. You will also get a handful of healthy minerals like potassium, crucial for restraining blood pressure levels and enhancing the functionality of the central nervous system.  

    The nutritional properties of a single serving of mango juice may improve your skin health, minimize cholesterol levels, propagate weight loss, and reduce stomach problems. 

    Nutrition facts of 1 cup (251g) of mango juice 

    NutrientsAmountDaily Value% / DV%
    Total fat0.1g0%
    Total carbohydrates33g11%
    Dietary fiber0.8g3%
    Vitamin A35%
    Vitamin C64%

    Note: Here, daily values are calculated on a 2000-calorie diet. 

    Beneficial for your skin health

    Juice recipe with mango covers a good portion of Vitamin C, which helps to boost your immune system as well as strengthens the heart functions. But there’s more you can do to maintain elastic and wrinkle-free skin by intaking your daily value of Vitamin C, which you can get from a single serving of mango juice. 

    According to some studies, Vitamin C can decrease inflammation with increasing metabolic rate. Because of the slow metabolic rate and swelling, you may have various skin issues like dark circles and acne. Also, Vitamin C generates collagen, a type of protein that can improve skin elasticity and increase skin blood flow. 

    Not only Vitamin C, but mango juice also contains a certain amount of Vitamin A that is essential for growing strong hair and protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.

    Fight against stomach problems

    Mangoes deliver a considerable amount of fiber content which is beneficial against stomach-associated difficulties. 

    Good for weight loss

    Mango juice is a better choice to start your weight loss campaign. However, it contains a considerably high rate of cholesterol. So, it’s better to consume one cup of juice per day. 

    In many cases, people face weight loss issues because they show weak immune systems, slow metabolism, and inflammation. Mango juice has a decent amount of powerful antioxidants, Vitamins (A and C), and minerals, helping the human body with these health issues. Therefore, it propagates weight loss and keeps your body fit. 

    You will get polyphenols that are antioxidants found on mangoes. These elements can burn fat stores in your body by improving insulin levels and reducing bad cholesterol.

    Mangoes are a good source of natural fibers which, reduces the filling of hunger. As a result, you will eat less and can maintain a proper healthy diet.

    The procedure of making mango juice | An easy step by step guide

    Trying juice recipes with mangoes is very simple and takes less time than processing other fruits like pomegranate. There are many versions of mango juice you can find online. However, you can try your own mango juice recipe by adding whatever ingredients you like to add.

    Step:1 – First, collect some fully ripe and fresh mangoes for juicing. You can use organic Alphonso mangoes or, you can choose semi-ripe mangoes in your juice recipe. 

    However, semi-ripe mangoes are tart in flavor and need more sweetener to balance the taste of your juice. After selecting, rinse them well under clean water. 

    Step:2 – Peel your mangoes and chop them into small chunks or cubes. Try to get all the flesh from mango seed to avoid wastage.

    Step:3  – Place the chopped mango slices in a blender and add 2 – 3 tablespoons of sugar or honey with cold water/coconut water (1 cup). You can also include ginger and mint leaves to enhance the taste a bit more. 

    Step:4 – Blend until you get a smooth mixture of perfect consistency. You have to add some more liquid (half cup) to achieve a thinner consistency.

    Step:5 – Pour the fresh mango juice into a glass and serve with 1-2 ice cubes. 

    Tips for juicing mangoes 

    To get the pure mango flavor in your juice, avoid including any other ingredient. You just have to blend the mangoes with water and some sweetener (depending on your choice) to achieve the taste of a perfect mango juice.

    You can enhance the taste and refreshment of your juice by adding orange juice. The combo of orange and mango blends very well in your mango juice.

    To get more nutrients, you can introduce some coconut water and mint leaves to your juicing recipe. As these ingredients don’t have a strong flavor, they don’t make much of an impact on the essence of your mango juice. 

    Easy and simple recipe with mango

    1. Mango Carrot Juice

    This drink delivers a delicious combination of whole fruit and vegetable that includes mango and carrot. It’s packed with nutrients and vitamins. This recipe fits well in your daily diet. Also, the extra fiber from carrots will help keep your blood sugar levels under control. 

    Along with essential minerals, you will get beta-carotene by adding carrots which reduces the risk of diabetes. Mango carrot juice is already rich in natural sugar, and also delivers a refreshing and earthy vibe to your drink.

    Fresh mango12 oz
    Lime juiceone tablespoon
    Sugarone tablespoon
    Water3/2 cup
    Carrot juice/carrots4 fl oz/ 7 oz


    • Wash your mangoes and carrots (if you are not using carrot juice). 
    • Peel and cut them into small chunks.
    • In a blender, combine all of the ingredients and blend until smooth.
    • After blending, strain the juice into a bowl through a fine sieve.
    • Pour the filtered juice into a glass over ice cubes and serve.
    1. Mango orange juice 

    This mango juice recipe only includes four simple ingredients and is much easier to prepare. The mango-orange combo provides a delicious and refreshing flavor with lots of healthy nutrients. This beverage is ideal for hot summer days.

    The addition of orange makes your juice high in antioxidants. You will get a high rate of Vitamin C that improves your heart health, decreases the chances of inflammation, and reduces the risk of forming kidney stones.  

    With the sweet flavor of mangoes, you will get a refreshing orange fragrance which makes your typical mango juice more savory and flavorful.

    Ripened mango16 oz 
    Orange12 oz
    WaterOne cup
    IceOne cup


    • First, peel your fruits. 
    • Now, slice your mango and orange into small chunks.
    • In a blender, combine all of the ingredients and mix until the desired consistency is achieved.
    • Pour the fresh juice into a serving glass after straining the mixture through a fine sieve.
    • Add some ice to make it chill and enjoy! 
    1. Green mango juice

    This green mango juice is a pure tropical delight for hot summer days. It delivers a refreshing sweet-tangy flavor that everybody likes. The making procedure of this juice is simple and easy, with only three basic ingredients. 

    Green mangos consist of vitamins, especially vitamin C. This nutrient-rich fruit helps to aid stomach aches and blood disorders. Regular consumption of green mango juice may improve blood vessel elasticity and increase the formation of new blood cells.

    Ingredients Quantity
    Green mangoes4
    Sugar2 tablespoon
    Ice cubes2-3


    • First, peel your green mangoes and discard stones.
    • Chop the peeled mangoes into smaller chunks so that you can purée them in a blender.  
    • Place all your chopped green mangoes along with sugar and water into a blender.
    • Blend until smooth.
    • Pour the fresh juice into a serving glass and add some ice. Enjoy! 
    1. Mango coconut juice

    This drink is a super basic but delicious version of mango juice that delivers lots of nutrients within a single serving. The Mango coconut juice recipe is pretty easy to make.

    All of the components in this recipe are readily available and simple.

    The combination of coconut water, mango, and lemon juice doesn’t exaggerate the flavor of mango but increases its nutrition value furthermore. 

    Because of the addition of coconut water and lemon juice, you will get extra carbs, sugar, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin C in your regular mango juice. All these antioxidants and minerals are essential to maintain a sound body and mind.

    Fresh mango16 oz
    Coconut waterone cup
    Lemon juiceone teaspoon
    Mint leaves12 leaves
    Water2/3 cup
    Ice2 cups


    • Cut your mango into small chunks after peeling it.
    • Place all chopped mango, mint leaves, and water into a blender and blend until you get a smooth texture.
    • Remove the puree from the mixture and strain it through a fine strainer.
    • Add coconut water, sugar, and lemon juice into the filtered mango juice and whisk well.
    • Garnish with more mint leaves (according to choice).
    • Serve the drink with ice cubes in a glass and enjoy! 
    1. Pineapple mango juice 

    This recipe delivers a rich, creamy, and smooth flavor. The added pineapple helps to boost your energy. In a word, it’s perfect to start your day. The making procedure is easy with some simple ingredients. 

    A perfect juice should come with a delightful flavor along with health benefits. Pineapple mango juice lives up to this statement. The recipe includes ingredients that are rich in powerful nutrients and vitamins. 

    Regular consumption of this juice may improve your digestion, heart health, and reduce inflammation.

    Fresh mango8 oz
    Pineapple16 oz
    Ginger1/2 oz
    Lemon juice one fl oz
    Ice one cup


    • Peel as well as cut both the mango and pineapple into small chunks.
    • Run the chopped mango, pineapple, and ginger through a juicer.
    • Juice until smooth.
    • Whisk in the lemon juice until well combined.
    • Pour in a serving glass and add ice cubes to give your juice a chill flavor.


    Should you drink mango juice every day?

    Mango juice doesn’t show any harmful effects on your body. It’s totally safe and healthy as long as you consume organic with moderate amounts. But if you take too much mango, you may gain excess weight as well as experience diarrhea because of the extra carbs and fiber in mangoes. 

    Moreover, some ripened mangoes contain calcium chloride, which is toxic and affects your brain cells. People with allergies toward mangoes also face difficulties with a runny nose, breathing, sneezing, and stomach pain. So, in this case, avoiding mango juice would be a better choice. 

    What parts of mango should you avoid?

    Simply put, you should avoid the sap and peel of mangoes as they are highly toxic to your health. Mangoes sometimes cause a dermatitis-type response to those with skin conditions. It’s similar to a poison ivy-type response. 

    There’s more mango skin contains urushiol oil, a substance that causes rashes and allergies. So, be careful about what parts of mangoes you are using for juicing.  

    Is mango juice really good for weight loss?

    The answer is straight YES! Mango juice is a good source of Vitamin C,  Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, and antioxidants. These elements improve your metabolism and help to reduce fat at a faster rate. 

    However, maintain a moderate consumption rate of mango juice. As mangoes contain about 109 – 128 calories. So, excess drinking may reverse your weight loss results.

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